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Self Care & Boundaries GOLD

MY Recommendations to help you flow through life especially if you have been doing the ‘inner work’ and you are integrating all the ‘stuff’ that needed healing and you know it is time for SELF LOVE and SELF CARE like never before 


  1. Be Kind to Yourself.

Things may feel like they are going slowly. Please give yourself the opportunity to know that this is a temporary state. Don’t force your body or mind to “proceed as usual”.  Understand that your energy and mood will be affected by all the toxins that are being flushed out. Drink plenty of water.  Avoid dehydrating fluids such as those containing caffeine and alcohol. Do not participate in any other healing modalities (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments etc…) for at least 48 hours – Just let it settle

  1. Conscious Breathing.

Stop what you are doing and actively breath for 10 deep breathes as many times as you can in a day, to bring you into your body and out of your head or maybe try: In for 4, hold for 7, and out for 8 to relax and calm the central nervous system. 


  1. Journal Every Morning and Night for 5/10 Minutes 

At bedtime ask yourself – How am I feeling? What realisations am I having? 

What isn’t working for me today? What if I do things differently now? What has helped me progress?

What did I accomplish today? How do I feel about that? How good does that feel to acknowledge that? Did I congratulate myself on the wins no matter how small? If I am honest which procrastination techniques can I remove? What can I do less of for others? What 10 things can I be grateful for?

Tip – If you want to feel deeply then have a conversation with yourself.  

I’m feeling I need to get things done I’m tired, the frontal lobe is active, I’m feeling like I need love, and I’m lonely

The energy work revealed… I feel grateful for… I feel amazed by…. I have come so far… I am great on my own…

In the morning discuss with yourself- My dreams were …. I felt….

            Then move into – My 3 intentions for the day are…

            Then my 3 Affirmations for the day are…

Consistency is vital as you are committing to change. Keep writing daily, first thing in the morning, and/or last thing in at night as the benefits are incredibly calming and centring


  1.       Use The ‘’I’m Light’’

Mantra meditation twice a day for five minutes for stepping into your calm and deeper conscious awareness. Close your eyes. Repeat ‘I’m Light’ over and over again in your own mind – commitment and let thoughts drift around you


  1.           What Does My Ego Want?

Your ego wants action and to know you are safe, and it will question all your decisions.

So, whilst integrating, write a to-do list, so you can negotiate with your ego. Once thoughts are out of your head, and for the next few days really get in the space and ask what is essential? What can I outsource? What can I ask for help on?

Also be aware of your ego playing tricks on you and wanting you to revert back to old patterns, stay focused on the changes you seek.


  1.   Check-in With, The Nuances

Whilst around friends, family or any relationships, notice any new feelings of freedom with communication, and the feeling of lightness and less restriction around the communication.

Notice as you are more at ease with what is going on, the vibration of situations rises. You radiate out a higher vibe and magnetise it in.


  1.   Water ‘In Every Way’

In the bath, imagine the water is cleansing and purifying your system and as it drains the heavy toxins release away. Light candles and meditate, take your time and digitally detox.

Or, shower and imagine the water has golden light particles that are washing all negativity away. Then visualise intentions. Cosmically order your future through your heart space works ( google cosmic ordering if that helps)


  1. Bed – Time 10.00 pm– Wake up 5 am

Let the body have a great chance to release toxins and purge emotions though good rest and sleep Digitally detox for 30 minutes before trying to sleep, do not stay up for the sake of it. The biggest healing happens whilst asleep.  NO to NETFLIX yes to a book!


  1.       Food

Nourish your body, listen to your body, not emotional cravings or old patterns.

Be aware that meat, sugar, processed food and alcohol are not in your highest interest as they are dense and low vibrational.


  1. Eat

Food that feels grounding and try not to be too unhealthy as eating clean is good. Heavy vegetables are always a good shout as they create a sense of bringing you back to earth. Do not beat yourself up if you slip into a plate of chips. The energy integration will be burning extra calories. But not fast food chips purlease!


  1. Go into Nature

Re-energise by just going into nature and give love and receive love from nature- take time out for yourself give your ego some love, listen to your heart. Breath into the air, feel it on your face, take notice of the sounds, leave your phone at home, stomp, be mindful, stick leaves in your shoes, squidge your feet in the mud.


  1. Be You

With no shame and keep seeking to understand everything! Question everything and share everything you have experienced and express yourself whatever you have seen and felt -The more you do the more will become apparent. COURAGEOUS VULNERABILITY is key (not neediness, know the difference)


13   Keep in Mind that Everything is Cyclical

‘Hard-fast- slow-gentle’, ‘up-down’, ‘absorb – integrate’. We are always changing and transitioning.


14   Notice

How you may have ascribed meaning to things that no longer have that same old meaning, notice how you are not telling that old story anymore and feel how you have grown.

’I can’t do that’ ‘I don’t do that’ Realise that if you focus on the negative that is what you attract

Set intentions to bring in a new story – your life is your choice. WHERE intention flows ENERGY FLOWS  

Focus on the positive changes you are making.

A great example is to not expect people to let you down!

  1.     Let go of expectations
  2.     Take ownership and put sufficient personal boundaries in place in advance to ensure things are in the highest place they can be,
  3.     Courageous communication is key to standing in your power


15   Take Inspired Action,

AWARENESS INTENTION ACTION are the 3 steps to making shit happen

Your internal reality changes when you least expect it, go with your soul no matter how spontaneous things feel and keep stepping out of your comfort zone.


  1. Learn About Emotional Triggers

Understand that responses to other people are no-one’s fault. They are your own personal responses based on your experiences. Know that the answers to changing how they impact you is purely in your own hands and no one else’s. Bypassing blame on another human or a situation for how we feel we are not taking responsibility and we are disempowering ourselves as we are giving them permission to have power over us. A deep dive into the subconscious may be required to see more layers of old belief systems and decisions made.



  1.     Figure of 8

Stand up and move your hips in a figure of 8 as many times in a day that you need to move and feel more flexible. Know that this will release stuck emotions, literally help you be more flexible emotionally and physically and the number 8 is the infinity symbol and the number of abundance HIGH FIVE TO THAT!


  1. Say ‘NO’ to people that do not ‘SEE’ or ‘HEAR’ you, like you ‘SEE’ or ‘HEAR’ them

If they cannot respond to the unsaid as much as the said then they have subconscious filters ( shadow ) that frankly, will drain you! My advice is to be kind and compassionate but firm with what you will and will not accept as far a level of communication and connection


  1. Do not be a RESCUER 

 Be a good friend yes but not a Martyr, Enabler or Validation Junkie – This will only lead to your own long term disappointment and by rescuing others you may be hindering their own growth


  1. Set yourself spending and eating boundaries

That are in line with nourishment and your financial plan, not instant gratification and the F**K it button – Refined sugar, booze and internet shopping are not your friends!


  1. Boundaries of self-talk – Catch yourself if you are talking negatively to yourself, there is no point beating yourself up on the inside – Remember our inner world draws in our external experiences


  1. Avoid making choices that are familiar which no longer serve you