The Magic is in the inner work and toe-curling sexual manifestation! 

Conscious Relationship Course




Combining deep inner work with powerful manifestation techniques, this course is designed to benefit every person on the planet. It may seem like a big claim, but the truth is that in order to have a meaningful connection ith someone who is beautiful on the inside, you must also cultivate that inner beauty within yourself. Similarly, if you’re looking for a partner who is courageously vulnerable, resilient in the face of rejection, and knows their worth, you must be a vibrational match for that kind of energy.

Developed over years of trauma release coaching and teaching workshops on communication, emotional navigation, and multidimensional energy tools, this 7-week course will help you gain deeper self-awareness, navigate human connections with greater confidence, and feel more capable in your relationships or in finding your next love.

The core mission of this course is to help participants heal layers of stuck, negative emotions from the past, release unnecessary rigidity or doubt, and awaken to their next level of spiritual growth. The ultimate goal is to learn how to receive deeply and deserve more and more.

The course is open to all genders and includes potent, vibrant sexual manifesting techniques that will help you achieve true connection once you’ve cleared away the negative energy that has been holding you back.

This is not about the 'Disney' love of your life because real life relationships are different to fantasy

This is about finding wholeness in your own heart and connection with your true desires. so that you attract and build a relationship of love, learning and nurturance, or if you are in a relationship making it expand into all of the potential edges of love-filled gooeyness.

Conscious Relationship Course

Feel the expansion in your heart on this HYBRID course of highly intuitive coaching, heart alchemy, and manifesting through self-practice.

Feel safe knowing spiritual responsibility and integrity are withheld at all times.

The first four weeks are the ‘inner work’ a dive into all parts of you and the final three weeks are juicy, playful and exciting.

Create the Partnership that you Desire by Doing the INNER WORK

Are you ready to commit to 7 weeks of meta-physical love making with yourself? Are you ready to call in a relationship where you feel-held, rounded and fluttery with possibilities?

This course is life changing in many ways as you integrate your own innate wisdom over and over.

What's inside?

The course is immediately impactful

There is a weekly LIVE interactive session and you will have a number of potent exercises. All sessions will be recorded and held in a portal should you wish to repeat them.

There are proven methods that will get you into new emotional awareness, elements of forgiveness, as the mature version of you accepts and acknowledges the old ways, as the fall away so that you can connect better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

The second part is where the fun begins, fall in love with yourself, clear karma, manifest through sexual energy and expand into the energy of the  Luminous Feminine  or Developed Chivalrous Masculine.

Release, heal and awaken, whilst owning and alchemising your  four  ‘love’ saboteurs and the ‘polarity behaviours’ that may have been lurking in the shadows and keeping you hidden.

Learn what your body and emotions are telling you. Move from apprehension to anticipation as you trust in limitless self belief

Learn heart alchemy intuition tool so that you are fully in tune with the highest vibrational aspects. There are many practical trainings and communication techniques weaved into this course.

You will have the opportunity to receive psychic, channelled support and be part of a unique tailored sessions with like-minded conscious souls on the same path to their sacred union.

The power of collective intention will be a great opportunity to manifest together.

Be ready to become your whole entire self to magnetise the next love of your life 

Accountability means that you are seventy six  times more likely to commit to an outcome. This course will help you work with intentional energy to make this a priority and do the daily tasks recommended in this book.

The added Alchemy of this course is not only working with the mind but waking up your ‘I AM’ consciousness.

Give yourself permission to dream and relax into a flow of receiving whatever your heart desires.

Set what you once felt were outrageous intentions

Imagine 10 people holding space with the same intention – to invite in the next love of their life!



Are you ready to be accountable to yourself to make this happen?

  • Identify and release any internal barriers to love  that you are not aware of
  • Take full responsibility as the source of your experience
  • Dedicate time each day to this space and feel the power of this kind of self love
  • Shift your attention to this part of your life  and watch the unravelling into new ways of BEing take shape

What would it be like to have the most love-filled enjoyable relationship? The brimming from ear-to-ear kind of relationship, that feels so beautiful and simple, you naturally open up into a flow of giving and receiving without attachment or anxiety. The melt into safe vulnerability, kind of relationship.

Fall more Consciously in Love with Yourself Daily and See what Happens!

  • What do you need to let go of in your daily life?
  • Is it a current toxic relationship, limiting beliefs or unhelpful emotions?
  • How do you handle emotions?
  • Could you be better at trusting and pacing, rather than self-abandonment?
  • How do you handle big emotions and stop being so hot-tempered in sabotage?

This will all be different in 8 weeks time!

Experience Real Alchemy

Pivotal to this will be Spiral Alchemy, a powerful 9th Dimensional energy tool that will help raise your vibration to attract the new love of your life. This is part of a new high-vibe modality that combines ancient wisdom with heart healing and deep, quick energetic shifts that will fast track the expansion process.

Schedule with Added Alchemy

Receive and learn how to become the match for the relationship you desire

Deep Dives into the sub-conscious limiting beliefs around the females in our life, and coding which are no longer required

Deep Dives into the sub-conscious limiting beliefs around the males in our life, and coding which are no longer required

Move from sabotage to intuitive heart felt decisions. Use this tool of ancient body wisdom and Galactic intelligence to help connect with your intuition daily.

To see this truth is to be completely self aware and respectively aware of mutual impact with others. Attract a fully conscious partner.

This activation has brought abundance in finances and love to many of my clients. Be in the space of receiving miracles and choosing what they are.

Who knew! We often run sub conscious ‘polarity behaviours’ to find the parts of us that are most in alignment with our true desires and happiness.

This will be the Bonus. The final requirements of the cohort collective energy for the ultimate relationship uplevel.


 Two – Five days of self-practice each week

All recorded from a live experience so you will get a virtual feel for the ebb and flow of the groups, for extra inspiration and awareness of the emotional journey! #nojudgement

Your investment

Conscious Relationship Course

  • 8 week online course


Conscious Relationship Accelerate

  • 8 week online course
  • Two one to one  Three hour Breakthrough Sessions
  • Check ins and What App Support
  •  Breakthrough Sessions with me


Conscious Relationship VIP Package

  • 8 week online course7
  • Twelve One to Ones with Gill
  • Three Months Whats App Support
  • Check ins
  • Means the Course is FREE


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