My Story and Your Alchemy

Hi, I’m Gill.


There are many reasons why you may have found me but I know the feeling that called you here.

You feel like there is an awakening inside of you and you are excited, but the process is making you feel overwhelmed and you feel that the pressure of making things happen can be too much sometimes.

You cannot simply go through the motions of existence any more, and you want to dis-engage from the excess noise in your world and high pressure demands on you. At times you are asking yourself, ‘who am I?” and ”what am I here for?” 


1.  Your lack of self belief,
2. Your level of awareness
3. Your sub-conscious programmes or shadow self
4. Your willingness to go there
Subconscious programs are running in the background helping you make decisions and they can be very unhelpful
As children we often disconnect from all that we could be through trauma, judgment and fear. 
Then as we begin to ‘wake up’ we follow the signs that lead us to our joy 
But,  we get caught up with attachments to people and the past and it is not always an easy path. 
Each individuals true awakening happens when we realise our ‘old story’ no longer has to be our present one
In fact the more awakened we are the more we can alchemise our old story, this will become the map to our future. It becomes a useful and enlightening set of personal gifts and talents
But, it  takes courage and often a dance with the ego to make this happen
Awakening is not about how ‘spiritual’ you can be. 
It is ALL about letting s*** go, being kind and compassionate to ourselves and showing humility to others. 
It is about putting our hearts desires first and letting go of guilt, shame and blame. and then becoming unbridled and unstoppable at appreciating the significant and simple. 
We move into the person we came here to be and feel. Then we attract those on the same higher vibration so life’s synchronicities, opportunities and coincidences keep rolling in.


I have always loved connecting people with their desires. In what feels like a previous life now I took a career in all manner of sales and marketing. from fast moving property, to hardcore corporate, then onto business leadership consultancy. My dream was to make so much money that I would be a high flying executive, with properties all around the world, so I could choose where to wander freely in a luxurious, unshackled way.  However my soul had other ideas of how I would get to find my freedom and travel the world and the beginning was was pretty painful and included being stripped of my financial security and sense of belonging.  I now understand why at this time, everything in my life imploded in a matter of months as it had to, to create the big ‘RESET’. 

I was ignoring and not listening to my soul desire, so it screamed at me to make the changes required to reconnect with my gifts and get on my soul driven purpose to help raise the vibration of as many people as possible.

Fast tracking the story and a few months post the huge breakdown/breakthrough (I say that unapologetically and without shame) I hit one of my biggest turning points one new year, on a full moon. I was with my spiritual coach in an energetic bubble playing and connecting with the collective energy and asking what we needed to do and bring for the new year,  and I saw a huge matrix of light in front of me and then my fingers felt like they were growing. It was the beginning of my relationship with my masculine essence Star Being. My entire energy system had switched on and I could see, sense and feel so much than before. With that my next chapter of WTF is this all about and I knew I was different/weird/alienlike excitement all came at once. I went on a spiritual mission to understand and connect with many modalities, psychology, personality profiling  that called me and there were a lot.  I had psychic trainers and coaches and surrounded myself with people on the same journey.  I became a Reiki Practitioner, an Angelic Reiki Practitioner. Then went much deeper during 18 month training as an Experiential Healing Coach Practitioner which specialises in trauma, ego and inner child healing work. 


Within the first 3 months as a coach I reached my £5000 target and have never looked back. My clients are international and I support independents, business owners from their start or executives and CEOs of multi million pound companies. They generally find me and know instantly that they need to work with me in one way or another. 

I had named ‘my’ Star Being ‘Fingers’ for a few years as every time I would give healings my fingers would grow energetically into the clients or friends auric field, and tell me exactly what they were experiencing or, needed. Until one day I was told I was not to call him fingers any more as he wanted to be referred to as LOVE as that is what he was to me. My heart opened and so did another level of awareness to all that is in the universe. 


I have been told by one trusted ‘Oracle’ that I am one of only 3 people on the planet who is specifically here to bring the energy of JOY to as many people as possible, which felt like a massive responsibility.  In one joint healing process with her she guided me to the aspect of my soul which matched with the soul essence of my 13th dimensional counterpart, I was sobbing uncontrollably with love and the enormity of it all where I literally felt hundreds of thousands of souls that are here on earth ready to connect with their inner JOY and I keep calling them in to as I now know that I am one of the conduits to assist in their process.  

A second ‘Seer and clarity coach/healer ‘ was blown away when I completely reconfigured her energy over the phone on a first meeting, she had been having uncontrollable orgasms for nearly a month and I stopped it in seconds. She found me via a dream and had called a mutual friend from South Africa. One lazy Sunday morning I was in bed and took a call from the mutual friend, who said ‘ I have another crazy friend like you, she says the ‘blue beings’ came to her last night and told her to call me as I would know who she needs to speak to” he then went on to say is a disparaging but affectionate way ‘and you are the only other CRAZY I know that talks about aliens. After I had worked with her a few times she said ” OH WOW you are the most profound communication system I have ever worked with. ( which of course my ego loved)! 

Another healer was receiving therapy from me and I found ( with the help of Fingers) the soul of her new baby in transition into her womb, she had not mentioned there was a high chance she was two weeks pregnant. She then went on to have a bouncing baby girl. 

Those are some of many stories I could share, like the energy cleanse I do on some of my retreats to remove parasitic energy that compounds dependency and addictions like attachment to food drink, drugs, or unhealthy relationships. It is also a vibrational cleanse for a certain viral energy that has swept the nation in 2020 .  Another lady came to me for business expansion and in the first session it became very clear that it was in fact her 20 year marriage which was the true reason she was called to me. ( she had no idea until we got into session.)  We cleared sexual abuse trauma from a past life and within 2 weeks of her first session her marriage and sex life was heavenly and active. One more story of success in business was a lady who ran a team of ten, she came to me out of concern as she didn’t want to hurt the feelings of her less productive staff but she needed to optimise her business, as it was suffering through lethargy and was capable of so much more. Within one session where I had tuned in and she left with 4 pages of written notes to completely turn her business around, she came back to me and said that all the metaphorical elephants had left the room and her new perspectives and courage completely shifted the way the business was systemised.  This shows me that communication and relationships are the absolute key to all change especially the one with yourself. 


Everything I do is about empowering you to be more aware of your gifts and talents, to activate your ascension process and give you absolute clear guidance so you have the courage and confidence to live the life you love. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, your soul simply tells me what you need and you tell me what you want. I not only have the intuitive knowing but the background and practical knowledge and drive to challenge and support you and give you many pearls of wisdom I have learnt,  to help get under the skin of your business to make them thrive and your relationships harmonious. .


testimonials from three highly conscious leaders

‘’I chose to work with Gill because behind her calm and kind demeanour is a tenacious business-focussed mind-set. This was exactly what I needed to help me grow and scale my own business. Since working with her in a short space of time I have moved three major areas forward and feel as though I am starting to get a grasp on what had previously been sitting at the back of my head, worrying me. Alongside the practical support, I have made use of Gill’s intuitive coaching and whilst I was initially uncertain it has definitely unlocked and removed a main personal barrier that was holding me back. I would recommend her without question.l"‘
Founder, & MD Well Prepared Training
"I knew I needed to focus on my business and to fix a few things from an emotional perspective. Coaching with Gill has enabled me to communicate so effectively that my clients now come to me rather then me having to go out and find them, people now know who I am as the expert in the area that I work in. Gill sees your expertise, your knowledge and then you gain 100% clarity on how to go forward Pulling out the best bits and doing so in a way that you like to communicate, plus maximising your marketing efforts."
Founder, Sue Thomas Wellbeing
"Gill is a phenomenal and unique individual, who I found fascinating it is clear she has intense energy powers which I found incredibly healing and insightful. She has opened up my mind to wonderful perception and opportunities for the future. Now I am more confident than ever and feel like a whole human, and feel spiritually connected and embrace it rather than question it."
MD, Mary Till Design

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