It takes courage to be all of you
Then you attract all that is meant for you

Introducing Gill, a catalyst for transformation, who embarked on a soul-stirring journey to reconnect with her true purpose. Through profound experiences and courageous actions, she discovered her innate ability to guide others in unlocking their full potential in relationships with clients, in love and their extraordinary gifts. This has a profound impact on their perception, purpose and prosperity. 

From her awakening to feeling the presence of a Starbeing in 2014 to leaving the corporate world behind, Gill’s path has been marked by profound shifts and remarkable encounters that made her speak her truth regardless of obstacles and helps others do the same Gill’s awakening moment, witnessing a vast matrix of light and connecting with a knowing that we are being supported and it’s time to pay attention,  propelled her into a spiritual mission

Trained in trauma release and new exceptional protocols, Gill facilitates deep emotional shifts and empowers individuals to embrace their super senses. Her approach transcends traditional coaching by focusing on holistic growth and multidimensional problem-solving through the subconscious and superconscious in a meditative state

Diagnosed with ADHD and an interesting form of audio Dyspraxia, Gill discovered her unique perspective as a gateway to higher dimensions. Her struggles transformed into strengths as she delved into energy management and mindset techniques, destined to aid both the high functioning and those seeking a new level of content! 

Gill’s journey from corporate success to actitator of energetic gifts and mastery  is through commitment to personal evolution. She channels higher self wisdom and intuitive gifts to support clients in navigating their own paths to fulfillment.

With a unique ability to spot underlying patterns and shadows, Gill helps clients break free from limiting beliefs and embrace their authenticity. Her best clients are those who are open to all aspects of themselves, they are changemakers and want to invest in the unknown to make it known for themselves and the greatest good of all.

Your souls purpose is unique to you!

Gill’s remarkable journey as a high-level facilitator,  is where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Gill’s path took a profound turn when a trusted oracle revealed she was one of only three individuals on Earth destined to spread the energy of a particular frequency of joy to as many souls as possible. This weighty responsibility ignited Gill’s mission, propelling her to become a conduit for countless beings seeking inner joy.

Transformative healing sessions, often mean Gill connects with the essences of the soul, unleashing an overwhelming surge of love, this is the realisation point that all of the answers are within us and solidi that reasoning for energetic mastery 

Encounters with clients further showcased Gill’s extraordinary abilities. A clarity coach and healer, astonished by Gill’s prowess, experienced an immediate energy shift during their initial phone call, halting uncontrollable physical sensations within seconds. Gill’s intuitive prowess, evident from the start, left her client in awe.

Another powerful instance unfolded as Gill connected with the soul of a client’s unborn child, unbeknownst to the expectant mother. This profound revelation was the first moment Gill tapped into deeper realms, guiding souls through transitions even before birth.

Gill’s transformative work extends beyond individual healing sessions. At retreats, she conducts energy cleanses to release parasitic power and facilitate vibrational shifts, aiding in the liberation from dependencies and addictions. In one instance, a client seeking business expansion found unexpected clarity as Gill uncovered underlying issues within her marriage, leading to profound shifts in both personal and professional spheres.

Gill’s impact isn’t limited to individuals; her intuitive insights have catalysed transformation within organizations as well. A business owner, initially concerned about her team’s productivity, experienced a complete turnaround after just one session with Gill. Through her guidance, communication barriers dissolved, and a renewed sense of purpose revitalized the entire company.

In each encounter, Gill’s unwavering commitment to facilitating joy and transformation shines through. Her journey as a high-level healer continues to inspire and uplift countless souls, leaving a profound impact on all who cross her path.



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