You are healing the past and opening up to all future possibilities while becoming more present. Your self-awareness is high, yet you want to be more enthused. 

The combination of State Change Alchemy, Gills multi-dimensional awareness and powerful intuition means all aspects of you can be seen and heard. This is a very unique ability and makes for subtle and massive transformations. As an ex-leader of sales teams and having ten years in emotional maturity and spiritual development, Gill will help you connect with the subconscious, the inner child, the superconscious, ancestral patterns, spiritual gifts, and beings here to support you.

You will feel whole as the shadow, light, and dark aspects of you are integrated. You will no longer feel held back, and your relationships, business, and purpose will grow with style! Your style…

Gill Kirkham Head shot image

Gill Kirkham

Mind Alchemist


Gill’s unique ‘Seer’ skills, a term that describes her ability to read all 144 aspects of human consciousness, are instrumental in helping individuals activate their full potential. This deep understanding of human consciousness leads to profound changes in various aspects of life, including communication, relationships, and even business, resulting in overall improvements in mind, body, and health.

Gill can uniquely discern the subtle nuances of energy, akin to a female Sherlock Holmes. With her by your side, you’ll be guided through the intricate web of emotions, Carl Jung Archetypes, and the delicate balance of masculine and feminine energy. This understanding and support will help you confidently navigate your present and future.

Through Gill’s guidance, you’ll better understand yourself and how it manifests in your various roles as a conscious communicator, leader, partner, parent, change-maker, or someone with unique neurodiversity or spiritual gifts. This self-awareness will empower you to focus and harness your superpowers for the greater good. 

Be visible, have high vitality, feel more aware, and find truth; nothing will hold you back. 


The perils of being an entrepreneur, leader, change-maker, divorcee, or neuro-diverse person who is looking for more in life are about trusting yourself to unlock the hidden parts of you.
Once you have worked with Gill for three or six months, you will know exactly what to do and when to do it at every moment. You will feel healed, and the old version of you will be unrecognisable.
You show up as an aligned being; your energy is much better vibrationally. Your physical presence is an embodiment of your truth, with soul-nourishing actions that amplify your gifts, talents, and awareness.



How can I help?

  • Heal past emotional, mental and physical ailments through relationships, family, love and ancestors
  • Reflect & enhance on relationship with love, clients, and spiritual growth
  • Consider navigating the perils of being an entrepreneur, change maker, divorcee from a healed and connected perspective
  • Work on trusting oneself and tapping into endless potential for extraordinary growth.
  • Feel aligned in financial prosperity, passion, and knowing what to do in every moment
  • Ensure business and relationships, especially with oneself and spiritual gifts, are best they can be
  • Activate and amplify your extra sensory awareness, healing ability and intuition

Energy audit

This is where your personal journey, passion and challenges all become apparent and ready to be alchemised. You will feel the sense of relief and excitement as the dots begin to join for the now and future.

Twelve Sessions

The strongest sense of knowing yourself and feeling held beginning. Shift by feeling seen and all parts of you become aligned with love, truth and trust in self for infinite possibilities.

Voxer Support

24/7 connection and accountability from a quick fire manifestor, seer and mentoer/ coach that has your back and a direct link with your higher self to get the messages in the moment.

Cosmic Relationship Course Offer