Alchemy turns something ordinary to something extraordinary, lead into gold, stress into happiness and switches on all of your senses


Hi I’m Gill Kirkham

The Modern Day Alchemist.

I know you are going to have the life and business that makes you glow from the inside out.

I help leaders, executives, visionaries, independents, coaches and creatives shift through transformations so they are 100% in alignment with creating joy in their lives and their own positive impact on the world.


Business Expansion, Romance, Court Case, Divorce, or you are at a CROSS ROADS?

If so go straight to my Contact Page and book in a Discovery Call so we can connect…

I will alchemise trauma and make you feel the lightest you have in a long time so you can get through anything with heightened perception and courageous action.

This will feel effortless and relationships harmonious, especially the one with yourself.

Miracles do happen – For me everything changed in the space of a month and my intuitive gifts and heightened awareness came fully online. Now I remove internal blocks and create energetic shifts in you that turn the ordinary into something extraordinary so that you can focus on the life you love.  

I have many profound spiritual experiences this does not mean I am a Guru I am a guide.


Together we will connect with what is hidden, redefine your limitations, and activate your gifts so you flow through life effortlessly

testimonials from three highly conscious leaders

SEan Testimonial image

‘’Gill made me feel at total ease from our first scoping call, through my personal development and continued growth of 2020. She’s aided relationship issues, helped me gain traction in business ventures and had a focal part in turning my entire life around; which is something I wouldn’t say lightly. I would highly recommend reaching out to Gill"‘

Sean Walker
Director of Nero Recruitment
Laura ludlow image

"Gill has something very special, an ability to blend a business mind with something more holistic. She makes you open your eyes and question yourself and your limitations. She's gentle, (mostly) kind, fun and has an ability to make you want to step up and reach your full potential. I feel much more connected to myself, my work and with her support, I am finding myself more able to trust my judgement, be more self aware and have a sense of absolute clarity."

Laura Ludlow
Founder of DiscovHer, The WonderList and Brave & Brilliant Pod Cast
Victoria Knowles Lack

''Gill has changed my life I honestly don’t think I could ever recommend her enough. She’s helped me heal and we’ve really gone there in terms of healing from grief and loss. As a result, my life looks entirely different and I’m more ambitious and my energy is off the scale. Now my business is thriving and I’ve let go of so much!

Victoria Knowles Lack
CEO Shot Gun & Chelsea Bun Club. Best Selling Author of Make it Happen

Take a look around

There are 4 ways to work with me!


This is for you if you are making ‘IT’ hard, you are frazzled and are looking for the reset button. OR, you are ready to FLY

 and need to break free of a constraint. Especially if life feels more complicated than it needs to be and you are 

looking to significantly simplify! EVEN MORE SO if you are sick of playing it small and there is tension, doubt or

 procrastination and maybe love and joy are not flowing in as well as they could be. I remove internal blocks and create energetic 

shifts in you that turn the ordinary into something extraordinary so that you can focus on the life you love.


3 months of immersion for you want to be and feel more. You understand that you are already creating magic 

and are in you  flow often. However there are things missing and you feel fatigue from blocks. You want a more spirit 

led purpose and soul driven power. You know this time you want to reach business transformation effortlessly

Your soul is calling for more conscious harmonious relationships and that expansive feeling when you feel so internally supported that you continuously and courageously connect with your heart. This is a very special programme and you will have my full attention


This is the INTENSE 21  transformation experience  and LUMINOUS experience for you if you have a specific goal or intention. 

For example an online course to launch, a project to make happen or a relationship to resolve. We will have 2 sessions and 21 days contact. 

You will receive personalised activation meditations that will blow your mind like never before.


You know there is more to your personal, business and energetic success. This is for you if you want the deepest of dives into transformation and an a deeply immersive one to one experience with extraordinary results, follow the WORK WITH ME  link to find out more

This is a membership for the mind, soul, and energy field where all the magic happens. This is your soft place to land! It’s here for you to recharge, recalibrate, connect with awareness and senses, and to learn how to tap into your high vibe naturally everyday rather than it feeling like a chore. The energetics of the LUMINOUS Collective are here for you to be in your zone of genius. It’s a place where you experience moving from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ and connecting with your state of bliss. It is the ONLY place on the planet where you can enter the LUMINOUS ACTIVATION SPACE.

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Online Courses
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A very special sample of the resources in The Luminous Collective

In Luminous I provide many trainings and sessions which are additional to the LIVE activations and meditations.  Variety is the spice of life and I open up a  huge range of topics from practical  ways to attract high standards into your life in business and relationships all the way to the other end of the spectrum to self healing and cosmic connections 

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