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Five Piece Bundle
* Activation of Soul Purpose from Survival ( for those days when you need a frequency shift)
* Four HIGH LEVEL MASTERMIND video prompts to remind you how to get new clients immediately.

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A snippet of incredible testimonials from the original session


Released blockages I didn't realise existed

Sarah-Jane Lewis

Got the Sale

Sarah-Jane Lewis

Investment back 3 times over in day 2

Jo Barker

My dream job landed day 4

Emma Spriggs

Given me Strength to Show up

Emma Spriggs

Cleared Deep Trauma

As we know, our deepest wounding becomes our most significant pathway to growth. I had an ex wound to heal and this activation was the result! 

The week after I healed this wound, I magnetised THREE new one-to-one clients, plus two male clients had massive financial breakthroughs, and I mean HUGE.


In the first ninety-minute session, you will heal remnants to simply surviving; it will be the next layer required of your self-mastery to magnetise your soul assigned clients.

The remnant will be replaced with the higher frequency of your inner THRIVER and INSPIRER. This will clear your energy.

Raise your frequency and confidence and help you MAGNETISE THE CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS THAT YOUR SOUL IS HERE TO SERVE

The soul’s ASSIGNED clients are the ones who will create the most significant shift for us and them. The ones you live for!

Gill Kirkham

Cosmic Relationship Course Offer