Master Your Money Flow!

Money flows to you in line with how you feel about life.

Have you ever thought to yourself why good things just flow to you when you feel abundant? How about what abundance means to you? For me, it means plentiful and prosperity which is connected to love, relationships, and your business. Ask yourself how prosperous you feel in each of those areas. If any area is lacking in prosperity or not feeling fulfilled, then it’s likely that money will not be flowing consistently into your life.

When you are feeling joyful, enlightened, happy, and full of peace and love, those feelings are your vibrations and they are abundant feelings. This means that when you have those feelings, the money will just flow into your life because your vibration is high.

If money isn’t flowing and you are finding it particularly hard to create the income you desire, then check in with how you are feeling. Despair, grabby, needy, and the feeling of clutching at straws will repel money. If you have ever heard the saying ‘it’s not about the money,’ and you resonate with that, then you are on the right path. It’s about how you feel because that will either attract or repel your money flow.

Judgment is your biggest cause of lack.

When you judge wealthy people, this will create a lack. As a luminous and spiritual being, it will feel better for you to understand and accept that they have their own path and destiny, and that may involve an abundance of wealth and money. It is for you to grow and learn from them. You chose your path before you were born and it is there for you to follow so you can expand even further. 

From a spiritual perspective, our souls have a number of core themes, a number of limiting beliefs,  unhelpful emotions, and patterns of behaviour that play out on repeat until we get the realisations. Other people no matter how rich or poor you perceive them to be, are here to show you your realisations. These people are your mirror and show up for you to learn from them.

Our biggest challenges become our biggest gifts. If money is something you were conditioned to fear, resent, or even not have enough of, then once you have done the ‘inner work’ (and it is work), the polar opposite of your perceived problem occurs. This means that when you buckle down and do the work on your realisations and take action, then naturally you will progress and huge financial abundance will follow.

If you judge yourself or others then you need to change it. Accept that you have a lesson to learn, that you are not perfect (perfectionism is actually extremely debilitating,) and just consider yourself a more self-aware person than you were before. Know that judgment thinking does not do your flow any good.

Gratitude is also a great alternative to judgment. Be grateful for the lessons, experience, and find a positive. It only takes 17 seconds to turn a thought from a negative to a positive as Esther Hicks, channeling the consciousness Abraham once said.

The more awareness you have around your money situation, the more things will shift and change for you.

Wealthy people see money as a way to bring them joy. They don’t see it as evil or more powerful than them and they don’t see it as something to fear or hold onto tightly. Because they know that this will create a lack mentality and poverty consciousness.

When you have a healthy respect for money, and you embrace it with open arms and forgive it for the perceived trouble it has caused you, then your energy and perception change. All intentions, thoughts, and feelings have specific energy attached to them so when you change these, then your energy and vibration change so money is more likely to come into your life.

The more awareness you have around your money situation, the more you are able to change it. This means that you can BE RESPONSIBLE and BE GENEROUS with your money flow. Find ways to bring money into your human experience and make it a priority to enjoy that process.

Do you struggle to hold onto money? This means you are saying ‘money isn’t there for me all the time.’

I have a client that earns a lot of money every month but before she started working with me she really struggled to hold onto it. She treated it like a pendulum so whenever it was received, the pendulum would swing back the other way with her spending it.

Something like £400 would be spent on a pair of shoes each payday even when she couldn’t afford the food shopping.

This is a subconscious program of saying ‘money isn’t there for me,’ it’s rejecting money. My client had unhealed childhood wounds around her mother. She would allow money to fill a void of where she felt love should be, it was like an emotional addiction. Some of you may unconsciously choose sugar, alcohol, or money to fulfill that emotional addiction. Instead of swinging between fear and lack, you could choose to see money as a way of receiving joy in the longterm instead.

My client had a lot of self-judgment around the stories and childhood wounds and felt she would never be enough (it didn’t matter how much she earned.) However, by helping her release this subconscious program by understanding that money is not to blame for the perceived lack of love, she saw the gift in the situation. And as I said previously, when you think and feel abundant, then money will flow.

Ultimately she is now learning to stop giving her subconscious program so much power, which means that she realises money is there to support her and always will be. It is a joy to continue supporting her so that she respects money and herself with no fear so the flow of money continues.

Power is abundant, fear is lack.

David R Hawkins said that power clearly defines the emotions that create our vibration and frequency. So if you are feeling joyful, love, and acceptance, then you are in power. If you are feeling pride, fear, or shame, these are control like feelings that are forceful. And as you probably know you can never force money into your life.

When you feel at a lower frequency of force, the intentions you set can be from a darker place. They will come from your shadow and maybe in the form of manipulation. Even desire is force and when you create intentions from the desires you crave, it makes you feel enslaved because it’s craving something you don’t yet have.

When you are so scared of money (I think most of us have been there at some point,) you can’t feel responsible for it. And when you hide from responsibility, the feeling of uselessness can overpower you (again, lowering your vibration.)

You feel you ‘should’ be doing more about your situation which then creates misalignment and confusion which hinders being in the state of flow. When you are hindered it will give you a sense of lack which will then reinforce your fear and give your ego more ammunition not to do anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Your inner critique will be having an absolute field day!

The best thing to do about this is to begin a process of making peace with money, understanding it, and allowing it to become your friend. Love it for the joy it brings you. The money will flow freely when you believe and trust that it is there for you. And when you raise your expectations around receiving, and you take more action, then you will create more joy in your life.

When you give money respect and see it as one of the many commodities that is simple to come by like the air that we breathe, it will bring you joy and find its way to you, rather than it being seen as the fundamental reason for joy.

It’s important that you get to a place of alignment by being true to yourself, and enjoy your work so much that you will then feel in flow, prosperous, plentiful, and in a state of abundance.

Catch yourself talking negatively to yourself so you don’t give the negative stories any power.

When you say things to yourself like ‘I can’t handle this,’ or ‘I am not worthy,’ or ‘who the hell am I for people to listen to?’ then you are literally creating thoughts that form limiting beliefs and it’s these that will switch off your flow.

On a deeper level, these thought forms given too much energy become actualised. They are like little demons that feed off your energy (demons are actually low vibrational thought forms.) So take notice of the inner voice. If you catch yourself talking like you wouldn’t talk to your child, then recognise the negative talk, say thank you, then delete it from your mind as quickly as possible.

How to create money through feeling and action.

The easiest way to create an abundance of money in your life, particularly if you are feeling ‘broke,’ is to focus on the enjoyment and process of serving your clients. Because when you feel like that, the money will start to come because you are feeling good, and doing good.

If you ever feel in lack, refer to these actions which will get you into the right flow for the money to flow:

  1. Do something you love. Be passionate about your purpose because you will feel good about getting up in the morning. Your energy and joy will be open which means that there will be no restrictive feelings which are the biggest barrier to your flow of money.
  2. Take time to sit and decide what your core values are. This will help you understand what changes you have to make to get rid of anything that you feel is not you. One of the biggest things that lower your vibration is not acting out your core values. So be brave and know what your values are so you can live by them every day.
  3. Charge more for your services. When you charge what you are worth, money flows. If you know you are undercharging, giving discounts, or doing service swaps for free, this will block money. It’s like saying to money “I don’t believe there is enough of you to charge what I’m worth so I will give more of a discount.” When I listened to myself and charged what I was worth, I hit £5000 in my 3rd month of coaching. I know you can do the same too.
  4. Seek out new networks and communities that support your personal and business growth. Don’t settle for what you feel is comfortable or you will never grow. Seek people who inspire you and don’t be the richest person in the room. You want others that are richer than you to spur you on.
  5. Move away from people who are in lack mentality or poverty consciousness. You will recognise them straight away because they will have an issue with money and say things like “I can’t afford that,” “Wow that is so expensive.” etc. This speech is not only a low vibe, obsessive, and damaging to their flow, but it’s damaging to yours too. Be kind and walk away.
  6. Step out of your comfort zone and take a new piece of action that is different from yesterday. This action should create new confidence, consistency, and connections. You will be more visible and get seen by more people and that means momentum which money loves.
  7. Create a system and process and stick to it until it works. Expecting instant gratification from something you’ve done once doesn’t work. Set up a system you love, do it daily, and the results and money will come.
  8. If you struggle to see failure as a lesson, I highly recommend the book ‘Black Box Thinking.’ It will help you understand failure does reap success. Failure is far better than no action at all.
  9. Marginal gains are a great source of abundance, and when you have marginal gains every day, the compound effect kicks in. The book ‘Atomic Habits’ is one of my favorites to really help understand it’s about marginal gains over time.

If you need guidance and you are feeling called to it, I am creating a mini-workshop on eradicating your money fears. It will highlight any self-judgment around money, what parts of you don’t give yourself permission to enjoy money, how much you are in your power, and being visible, as well as what you actually want more abundance for in your life, and what you would do with the abundance.

Please message me to join my waiting list.

If you are to tackle and rise above your limiting beliefs around what you want, then you have to release any fear and lack mentality from all bodies and timeframes.

A wonderful mantra to repeat to yourself is:

‘Money flows to me continuously from known and unknown sources.’

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