Why I swapped tequila for Cacao and went dancing

Benefits of Dancing with Cacao Instead of Alcohol:

Get High on Your Own Supply

Cacao is essentially chocolate in its rawest form, 

The part that makes us feel good! 

Why drink it the way nature intended? Because when moving or relaxed, the heart begins to soften and open, and we get closer to a state of bliss, happy to be expressive and more present. 

We express with clarity, not from dulled senses.

In a world where alcohol has long been synonymous with celebration and socialising, there is a growing movement towards finding alternative ways to elevate our spirits.

The word alcohol comes from the Arabic ‘Al-kuhl’, which means BODY EATING SPIRIT and originates rooted in the English word Ghoul. This demon likes to eat the bodies of humans. Nice hey!  

Drinking cacao as a medicine of the plant it came from, with an intentional focus on feeling good and connected, can create a transformational experience. 

Cacao is an alternative to booze which is gaining popularity for dancing. This powerful and natural plant medicine can provide a unique and transformative experience. The benefits of dancing with cacao instead of alcohol are numerous, offering a path to connect with ourselves and others better without the adverse effects associated with alcohol consumption.

To explore the intriguing benefits of dancing with cacao and how it can help us reclaim our spirit and embrace a more vibrant and fulfilling way of life Gill Kirkham, the Modern Day Alchemist, shares her initial exploration and deliberation as an ex-raver who became a transformational coach. 

 When I first drank cacao after a year of sobriety, I got the guilts; I thought I was damaging myself or using another substance to get high, which is precisely what I never wanted to do again. It felt contorted as I loved the idea of a sensual soft plant helping me open my heart to meditate, heal and essentially dance unrestricted. Yet I had a trapped, limiting belief that it was wrong. I soon realised that it was all about perception. 

I decided to perceive it as a medicine from mother earth, as natural as lavender, to help sleep easy, rather than a drug from the streets or the pharmaceutical corporations. I permitted myself to release self-judgement, and it felt natural to trust my intuition that this was a good idea. 

My advice is to drink, then dance, move your body, not sit and wait for something to happen; it is not like that; it is so subtle it supports the body to express and go with the flow!

My first experience was a drink and drug-free rave in Hackney a few years ago. I wanted to create my event more stylishly and deliciously, which I am now doing. The first one is the Summer Solstice on the evening of the 21st of June in the most idyllic Coed Arts Space,  

1. The Transformative Power of Cacao

Cacao: A Sacred Plant Medicine

Cacao, also known as Theobroma cacao, has been revered as a sacred plant medicine by ancient civilisations for centuries. Native and still in Central and South America, cacao is considered a divine gift from the gods, often used in spiritual ceremonies to induce a state of heightened awareness and connection. Unlike alcohol, which dulls the senses and inhibits our ability to truly connect with ourselves and others, cacao opens the heart, enhances clarity, and promotes a sense of unity.

The Chemistry of Cacao

The unique chemical composition of cacao is responsible for its transformative effects. Cacao contains several active compounds, including phenylethylamine (PEA), anandamide, and theobromine. PEA is a natural mood enhancer that stimulates the release of endorphins, promoting feelings of joy and euphoria. Anandamide, often called the “bliss molecule,” is a neurotransmitter that creates a sense of bliss and happiness. Theobromine, a mild stimulant, provides a gentle energy boost without the jitters or adverse side effects of caffeine.

Connecting Body, Mind, and Spirit

When we dance with cacao, we engage in a powerful practice that integrates our body, mind, and spirit. The rhythmic movement of dance combined with the heart-opening effects of cacao creates a synergistic experience which allows us to express ourselves more freely and release any emotional or energetic blockages. Unlike alcohol, which can cloud our judgment and inhibit our ability to be fully present, dancing with cacao invites us to step into the present moment with heightened awareness and authenticity.

2. Benefits for Mind and Spirit. 

Enhanced Emotional Well-being

Dancing with cacao can have a profound impact on our emotional well-being. Combining movement, music, and cacao’s mood-enhancing properties can help us release stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. As we dance, cacao works its magic, allowing us to tap into our inner joy and create a positive shift in our emotional state. This natural euphoria can improve mental clarity, increase creativity, and a greater sense of overall well-being.

Deepened Self-Reflection and Inner Awareness

Alcohol often serves as a means of escape from our emotions and inner turmoil. In contrast, dancing with cacao encourages self-reflection and inner awareness. As we move our bodies and connect with the energy of cacao, we feel curious to explore our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs with greater clarity. This heightened self-awareness can lead to personal growth, self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

Connection and Authentic Relationships

Alcohol-fueled social gatherings can sometimes lead to superficial connections and inauthentic relationships. Dancing with cacao, on the other hand, fosters genuine connections and authentic relationships. When we dance with cacao, we do not speak; it is about being in our own space and feeling the energy symbiotically. The social side is afterwards. 


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