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Only 50 Spaces

This is so much more than a party

Welcome to the Second Alchemy Garden Event 

Set in an idyllic hidden community arts space near Cardiff

Experience a guided galactic activation meditation at a stone circle followed by an intuition uplevel workshop, a chance to mingle, a phenomenal guided dance experience fuelled by heart-opening cacao and the most soul-nourishing chance to have a late bite to eat around the outdoor or indoor fire.

Gill Kirkham holds space and creates magic for all of her clients and guests, and this is no exception- There will be a few surprises to delight you.

”The energy of October 5th is about finding yourself in your sensitivity; Mars & Venus will create an oomph of emotions that are ready to dance into reality, a perfect planetary mix to be uplifted around others, to be with yourself and express freely, integrate, soak in and land energy” Sarah Melin, Astrologer.

Ten pods and cabins are available to stay over; be quick to book! – Buy a ticket and ask for the booking number!

Join PART ONE to Activate and Play

in your Intuition

Time Line

( 3 pm – 6.45 pm )
Arrival to meet at 3 pm 

Guided galactic channelled activation meditation at the stone circle or around the fire  by Gill Kirkham Mind Alchemist, using the power of group intention for service to the land and each other  

An empowering immersive moment of presence and heart connection. The opportunity to flow with the waves of source energy and collective intention for this next level of awakening. Followed by a sit down circle of intuitive fun.

Socialise, network, and relax
( 3 pm – 6.45 pm )
(7 pm - 9.30 pm)
Arrival 6.45 pm   
Begin 7 pm - 9.30 pm 

Introduction of gentle movement/breathwork to warm the body and create a sense of being grounded. Relax the mind and leave the daily humdrum behind. Cacao is drunk in sync together. (It is chocolate in its rawest form with incredible benefits. When you are relaxed,  it creates the sense of opening of the heart to reduce inhibitions with no hangover so you can get high on your own supply, guilt, and toxin-free.)

The dance experience is a journey of difference, it teases, flows and peaks in a space without talking. You lose yourself and move with the energy. Dance like no one is watching. Free to express in any way you wish. Alchemise emotions through moving and giving to yourself. The chill-out area indoors or outside, socialise or find a space for self-reflection if you want a break.
(7 pm - 9.30 pm)
(9.30 pm – 10 pm)
Closing Alchemy Garden Solstice sound bath journey, It is time to bathe in the delighted energy we have created. Lie or sit with your eyes closed and breathe into your aspirations and intentions for your life in the now and future. Notice the state change and what the feelings mean to you, and how lovely it feels to be this connected to your body and others in subtle ignition. 
(9.30 pm – 10 pm)
(10 pm - Close)
Leave the dance area to socialise, network in your relaxed state, and sit around the fire or lounge (if you have drums or musical instruments, you are welcome to bring them for this open space and time) 

ALCHEMY GARDEN Sober events for sober people and the sober curious; we are all at different stages of our journey; this is a time to shine and grow as part of a new conscious community and make healthy choices towards our unconditional well-being. 
(10 pm - Close)
There are 10 cabins to stay in on site (will give you the number to call once booked) bring your own bedding There will be vegan food at the end of the night but please bring anything that you want extra Water bottle You may want two outfits for the two parts Blankets and pillows are provided for sound bath but you may want your own Gorgeous hotels and beaches are close by No refunds


Have a look at the Solstice Sober Party in June. We made it happen in 11 Days!

We called, they came!  Some new to Gills world and some sober curious,  Some profound leaders in their field and some gorgeous souls. The theme for all of Gills events is connection, fun and transformation 

Some travelled for over four hours to come. New friends were made, fear barriers broken, and even new clients were created

The power is in the movement, dancing and feeling free, held and activated

WE only have 50 spaces for the October immersive  experience.  Early bird is now available at 15% off of full ticket price! Because of the size of the space and the power of the space held and the connections made these events will become more exclusive.

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