How ADHD showed me how powerful I am – Snippet into my personal journey!

It is not about rolling shizzle in glitter but using the shizzle to understand the whys…


As a teenager, I sat in my school classroom, grappling with the frustration of understanding complex topics but knowing that I wouldn’t remember much of it. I often found myself rewriting the same paragraph multiple times in different ways for essays, which was not only exhausting but also disheartening. It seemed like my peers effortlessly breezed through their assignments while I struggled to keep up. This struggle gave rise to the self-limiting belief that I wasn’t good enough academically, and my grades certainly reinforced that notion. It was a challenging time, and I often felt like an outsider.

The Rebel Within

With an attention span that rivalled a toddler hopped up on a family-sized pack of Skittles, I began to embrace my rebellious side. For me, being disinterested in class was a comfortable escape from the academic pressure. While my classmates absorbed lessons on topics like photosynthesis, my mind often wandered, lost in a world of imagination and empathy.

A Different Kind of Sensitivity

One unique aspect of my experience was heightened sensitivity to the emotions of others. I could spend an entire class feeling the emotions of a classmate, even envisioning their potential future. Sometimes, their deep sadness overwhelmed me to the point that I missed entire lessons. I struggled to convey what I saw, torn between the safety of my inner world and the fear of being perceived as insane.

The Clever Clogs Paradox

I was a paradox, a clever student with low grades and an introvert who could connect with everyone. What kept me safe were mechanisms to hide my perceived madness and fraudulent personality. I played the role of the affable listener, engaging in banter and empathy but never truly opening up to others, lest they discover my perceived mental flaws.

The Road to Rebellion

At 17, my self-esteem had plummeted, all of the trauma that had led to some of my ADHD symptoms were coming up to the surface, I had finished with my first love and felt lost, This was leading me to attract an abusive older boyfriend. I was bruised and battered I received low grades in my A-Levels and couldn’t face the marketing degree I had pursued. Instead, I plunged into the world of partying and working in the best bar in town as the rave days began to peek into the hypnotic beats and sense of belonging of house music, clubs and kitchen parties. Getting to know people and finding all kinds of friends craving a sense of deeper belonging and fun.  It was fun!

The Turning Point

My journey took a significant turn at the age of 28 when I finally summoned the confidence to attend university. However, the same issues that plagued me in my youth resurfaced. It was at this point that I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Dyspraxia, offering a glimmer of hope in understanding the pieces of the puzzle that made up the inner workings of my mind.

These labels provided a framework and allowed me to see myself from the perspective of others.

The Quest for Self-Understanding

Following this diagnosis, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I delved into the realms of human behaviour, psychology, emotional intelligence determined to understand myself and others better. The labels like ADHD that initially provided clarity gradually faded in significance as I explored the depths of human psychology and identity, I realised that this was all about emotional navigation and state change, it was still very difficult to be ‘normal’ but much less of a pressure to face it and in part became more interesting that a chore.   Not undermining the continual impact overwhelm, the procrastination, the rage of missing things and getting stuff wrong, but knowing that these states were much easier to identify in the moment.

Gill Kirkham Head shot image
Gill Kirkham

Unveiling Future Possibilities

Psychically seeing other people’s timelines and future tripping I experienced as a teenager were not mere fantasies; they were glimpses into people’s potential future paths. Now, I can tap into these insights, not as a clairvoyant revealing the future but as a puzzle solver, unravelling the visual imprints of their journey toward joy and ask them the steps they wish to make that happen! Empowerment is my key to manifesting, not taking peoples choices away.

A Multitasking Mind

The 17 tabs constantly open in my mind provide a unique opportunity. I can perceive people’s energetic fields, identifying where they’re stuck and need to release. While my challenge lies in retaining information, it gifts me with the ability to flow intuitively, leaving less room for analytical thoughts to interfere, this is such a gift when solving problems in the moment!  If you ever work with me, make sure you write down the genius that our minds create for future development!


I’ve come to realise that I’m not flawed; I possess a unique opportunity to experience emotions on a deeper level, visualise more vividly, and connect with others in extraordinary ways. Through my own journey of pain and growth, I’ve discovered how to authentically help others uncover their own superpowers and find fulfilment instead of frustration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADD, and how can it be a superpower?
ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, is a neurological condition that affects focus and attention. Some individuals view it as a superpower because it can bring creativity, hyperfocus, and unique perspectives to the table. I see it as Superpower as it is a guide to super senses and energy management like never before. Watch our worlds when more people embrace this magic as joy will be sprinkled in more places more often.

How did your journey of self-discovery help you embrace your uniqueness?

My journey involved deep self-reflection and the exploration of human behaviour, which ultimately led me to see that perception is much more powerful than beliefs and there really is limitless potential once you can navigate your state. It also showed me the importance or receiving from others. Our shadow side is not apparent to us, we must get help to turn our stuck energy into gifts and lessons.
Can you explain how you tap into visual imprints of people’s future paths?
It’s not about predicting the future but understanding the patterns and energies that guide someone’s life. Their higher self-shows me them in the moment to create clarity and give them exactly what they need in the moment, to then develop or dismiss future mapping.

How do you manage to multitask effectively with a constantly active mind?

While being academically strong is challenging from a memory perspective I’ve learned to harness the power of intuitive flow, allowing me to perceive and connect with people on a deeper level and I mostly recall what is important in the moment.  I still start 10 jobs in a day but have an effective flow to finish them.

What advice do you have for individuals struggling with self-doubt and feeling different?

Embrace your uniqueness. What you perceive as flaws may be your greatest strengths. Seek to understand and harness them and get underneath their existence like a signpost to further awareness. NEVER just accept something for the way it is just because it feels like it has always been that way!

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