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Coaches, facilitators, mentors change makers, therapists, healers and those on their awakening journey this is for you.

Learn the evolutionary modality to serve you and potentially your clients more powerfully than ever before

Navigate state change for results like going from meltdown to seven new clients in three days or back ache disappearing in seconds and most of all clarity and heart opening multidimensional awareness. 

This is a new way to facilitate all kinds of unhelpful short space of time through Galactic Wisdom and 9D Perception

'' Stop searching for knowledge and embody the knowledge within " Gill Kirkham

Hold space for extraordinary

To work as a 9D modality is incredibly powerful in meditation format, you can create massive breakthroughs to help one, eight or eight thousand people to activate their own 9D perception, extra-sensory gifts and navigate state change.

A trail blazer of the new way to think act and feel!

Embody the ways to know instinctively when to rest or manifest. It is not about who we are it is about our perception in every moment. Recognise the innate information within you and align with it Develop your extra sensory skills

Case Studies Are Rolling In!

''Learn how I released 20 year old trauma stuck in the body in 5 minutes in the gym, during a body pump class!'' Gill

'Learn how Spiral Alchemy helped me regulate my emotions through a very traumatic break up in 15 minutes.'' Gill

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Used Spiral Alchemy for the first time. Her client went from meltdown to seven new clients in three days!

CASSIE HICKS Soul Fire Marketing

Client went from blocked to excitement about her next steps


Spiral Alchemy can support one, eight or eight thousand
people at the same time. Learn the 45 minute energetic process
and then master the parts you need in the moment!

This will rock the world of intuitive leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs

I would love you to be part of this EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY for the rising intuitive leader.

Spiral Alchemy initiated the 2021 Ultimate Spiritual Up-level programme. Level One is transformative and straightforward to learn. 

My mission is to teach intuitive leaders this way to support themselves first and others second, with energetics, state change and practical application. Plus, it is an opportunity to be part of subsequent sessions. You can serve one, eight or eight thousand people with Spiral Alchemy at the same time.

Gill x 

Testimonials from BETA so far!

The Modality

Level 1 learn today
Level 2 an invitation only group post the Retreat experience


Gill Kirkham

The combined shift of heightened perception, absolute clarity and a sense of abundance and peace in minutes. Your relationships, health and wealth or business will benefit from this extraordinary spiritual growth


In 5 years time adults, teenagers and children will benefit from communicating better with their energy and feelings, especially those with diversity or adversity so that they lead with all senses switched on! Work with familiar emotions to change the future in a positive way


You will arrive at this retreat with aspects of your life not 100% aligned and leave feeling much better and aligned.

Prepare for Energetic Mastery


1. 6 weeks Spiritual Up-level

2. Emotional state change and the deeper ‘Whys’ & ‘How’ to each case.

3. Holding space, spiritual responsibility, integrity, polarity, duality, cosmic connection, and safety.

4.  3 months of practice, practice practice & accreditation


1. Spiral Alchemy BETA 1 day

2. Touch on the unique process behind the full modality

3. Practice the intense and deeply activating experience 

4. Access for life

5. Your own breakthrough


Learn the formula help you and others with immediate results with wellbeing and clarity

Learn how to access your higher self in a new way

Navigate state change like never before


The potential to be trained with deeper learning and become part of something massively expansive! 

A new tribe of conscious leaders who will be forever connected and supported

To bring your gifts into the process

On a Personal Note. This is for you if...

You lead and want to break through the invisible walls 

If you wish for a life-enhancing tool to help you and your clients

At the moment, you still tell yourself mini-stories that take you down

You have yet to learn to calibrate to the best timeline in the moment 

You are a rebel, a wild child or feel different, unique somehow

You sometimes feel stuck behind an invisible wall to your next level of contentment, belonging or success.

You are not as healthy, content or adventurous as you could be

You like being in control and want to do it with more Grace and less rigidity. 

How does it feel?

It is leaps ahead of Reiki and hypnosis, RTT. Why? Because the container allows individual specifics, highs and lows, real life situations, and what ever energy is required can come through not rigid or capped process

No such thing as Time

9th Dimension, can release trauma and stuckness so all you need to do is access it with the right intention and fast


Connect with what lights you up in the Quantum. See what you need to transmute and why 

So are you one of the ten intuitive leaders who will join me in an energetic space of expansion?

Feedback from a group session Of Spiral Alchemy at INTO the WILD FESTIVAL AUGUST 2023

“It’s like I have de-layered”, “I feel reborn”, “I feel released from all the stuck”, “I feel fully connected.’’ 

Are you highly sensitive, intuitive, emotional and/or a high achiever especially those who support others naturally. If so, this is for you!


Thursday 28th December

9.30 am arrival! 


My Home in Elmore, Gloucestershire

Connect with what lights you up in the Quantum.

Activate your 9 D Perception

Connect with FEAR of the dark and embody that as oneness 

Play with Intuition training

Enjoy delicious food


Transmute your metaphorical lead into gold 

Learn the modality 


Day 2 

Practice some more 

Some surprises to enhance your treat and tantalise your integration experience


Acknowledge the states that are Specific to your Subconscious

 The truth behind the state change for you is very personal , a way to optimise the correlation to how you feel whilst gaining success.

Activate Light Body Energy Channels  

Feel empowered through new awareness.


Feel the Release of Non-Attachment  

When we are truly soul aligned we trust to make our decisions from the heart. Learn how to do this 

The 9D modality seeded from the stars to offer immediate state change and transformation of capped awareness into streaming intuition and soul led decision making  

Led by GILL KIRKHAM Mind Alchemist

Testimonials from past RETREATS

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Split Payment Available
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