New to working with Gill?

Is Spiral Alchemy right for you? Yes if you are intuitive and open to working somatically with the body,  emotions and superconscious energy to shift perception through state change and make life better over and over again. 

LEVEL ONE is the energetic part,  the deep part, the fun part. It is steeped in integrity and structure of spiritual responsibility. You do need a level of awareness of energy to get the full effects! 
 LEVEL TWO is POLARITY PROTOCOLS deep work and will require people that have already done a degree of inner work and energy work to comprehend the nuances 
For this BETA day LEVEL ONE I would love the ten people to be optimistic, yet want something to shift in their life, whether it be their personal awakening, influence or impact,  so that each person can hold each other from an open heart 
Cosmic Relationship Course Offer