21st - 26th JUNE 2021

Secret Location North Cornwall


When was the last time you took your self  away to a place of complete peace and intrigue? Where you became fully immersed in that deep space of self and came home clear, confident and aligned, ready to take those bold next steps into happiness and your future intentions?

Imagine the summer of 2021 being the best one you have ever had. Step away from the obligations and take time to be the lightest version of you.  Imagine being encouraged to walk bare foot and sun gaze with your third eye, whilst connecting with the sea in a whole new way.  Imagine that curious step out of your comfort zone to paddle or perhaps swim in the UK water.  Imagine morning movement and  ‘ raise your vibe ‘ activations, which send the illumination of mindful intentions gently through your body. Feel, sense and know your heart is opening with the essence of your souls desire. 

Have you considered, or do you know that you are a Starseed here to activate your joy and help others to do the same simply by being in your lightest form? This 5 day retreat will connect with all that you WITH ALL THAT YOU ARE in this mind, body and spirit wellness experience. LOCATED in one of  the most enchanting places in the UK during an extremely potent energetic week.  The journey is specifically formed to activate your senses, and connect with your body and higher self. 


We meet at the carpark of the secret magical location in North Cornwall at 2.30pm on the 21st June 2021  Solstice 2021. Our bags will be taken and we will walk through the woods of anticipation, by a river. Feel how your senses, switch on to the beings in nature.

 The first 2 days will be active then comes the soft gentle relaxation then energy upgrades. You choose your level of participation.  By  Saturday 26th June you will have your energetic gifts, feel phenomenal with a full heart, friends for life who your soul chose for you to meet. Have you ever danced in a waterfall in the FULL moon light?

This is the ultimate connection of the senses for the expansion of your luminous energy

The energies this week will be exactly what we require to tune into our hearts desire! 

Fees and Need to Knows! 

What’s included 

  • Daily light yoga
  • Excellent cabin in the woods  
  • Life changing connection with your third eye, heart and merkabah
  • Multidimensional spiritual upgrade
  • Gorgeous beaches
  • Once in a lifetime waterfall experiences 
  • Healthy eating deliciousness 
  • Community soulful juiciness
  • Like minded open and self aware small tribe
  • A schedule of mind, body and soul upgrade events for gentle transformation
  • Freedom to move around woods, waterfalls, beaches and rolling hills day or clear night sky

What’s not included 

  • Travel to and from 
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages 


 £888 per person shared occupancy

Single Occupancy

 £1,497 per person, 2 available 

  • 3 month payment plan available until April 21st.  See the JOIN US link for details 
  • Non refundable 20% deposit if you cancel before 21st May. 100% non refundable post May 21st. 
  • If I cancel due to any reason you will get 100% refund.
  •  Payment through Thrive Cart a globally recognised secure system.  
  • There are a maximum of 12 slots available so do not wait. 

For those that know me, you know I go the extra mile when it  includes extraordinary connection.  I make the cosmic comfortable and join the dots between healthy living, self love, communication and incredible real and meaningful spiritual growth and self development. 

I have a unique set of gifts, I connect with Galactic energy, Shamanic energy, past lives , metaphysics, mediumship and healing emotional blocks and  I am an expert in seeing your potential in relationships and business and giving you a clear road map to make it happen. My gifts are creating connection between humans, and their true potential. On this retreat you will feel held by the energy I channel and the imprint of this experience will help you define your future. 

Meet me at the secret location

"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life." Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach

SEan Testimonial image

''I wouldn’t say this lightly. I would highly recommend reaching out to Gill"‘

Sean Walker
Director of Nero Recruitment
Laura ludlow image

"Gill has something very special, I feel much more connected to myself, and work with a sense of absolute clarity."

Laura Ludlow
Founder of DiscovHer, The WonderList and Brave & Brilliant Pod Cast
Victoria Knowles Lack

''Gill has changed my life my business is thriving and I’ve let go of so much!''

Victoria Knowles Lack
CEO Shot Gun & Chelsea Bun Club. Best Selling Author of Make it Happen
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