you are looking for transformation in a new way! You are feeling a little lost, out of sorts and this may have impacted your relationships and business

There is something missing, you still act like life has to be hard and yet you know it can feel so much better than this

You want to recalibrate, heal, and strategise. You want to clear all the old stories, patterns and maybe habits that are keeping you from true consistent happiness

You have a feeling that abundant financial growth aligns with your emotional and spiritual growth because the passion and purpose in you is ready to be ignite!

As an ex leader of sales teams I know the importance of consistency and relationship building, the way we communicate is the single most important aspect of being human. We communicate with our self first and this radiates into the people around us and magnifies what we attract.

I am a qualified trauma release specialist, souls purpose coach and an incredible channeller. Together we will release all that is holding you back, future map your next chapter and raise your vibration to your highest possible frequency.

This coupled with alchemy, accountability and commitment we create profound moments of clarity and realisations so you take that courageous action to spectacular life changing moments

‘I had sinusitis for 22 years, Gill helped me realise this was caused by my worrying mind, over thinking and fear.  After processing this in one incredible session my sinusitis was cleared and WOW is all I can say.”

Yolanda Janson,  Deep Impact Coach 

“Gill has some hidden superpowers! 

An incredible session that got into the deep rooted stuff which I have been trying to work on for years. Gill uncovered, healed and released in a mind blowing way, and this has rippled with positivity through my business and relationships.”

Claire Dore, Business Coach 


There world is waiting for the rest of you!

 Your creative flow brims to the surface, yet you yearn for the extraordinary to happen . You often feel fatigue from blocks and at least one area of your life is unbalanced. 

You want  to confidently access your spirit led purpose and soul driven power.

You also value and enjoy essential time to relax. 

It is really important for you to connect deeply with others and the truth.  

You know you want to reach business transformation effortlessly this time around.  

You are ready to feel so internally supported that you continuously

 and courageously connect with your heart. 

You will feel emotional, mental and physical shifts through deep inner work. I will teach you energetic mastery, love yourself deeply and together we will shape a road map to your future self.

If you are considering one to one sessions with me, the best way to move forward is to apply by booking a discovery call and we will chat and find out what your best next steps are.

Love and best wishes


Alchemise Your Experience

Soul Support

Skyrocket the changes you need to make to be the person you want to be!

My experience extends through 20 years of sales and marketing and 15 years of studying human behaviour and self-development from psychology to the superconscious. 

Human connection is everything, especially the connection with yourself.

Feel on purpose, peace and joy in each day.

Achieve everything you put your mind to and take the action now!


You are an expert in your field but you’re just not showing it or BEing it … yet!

You know where you want to get to and have done okay so far, but now you are SO ready for even more.

You desire energetic and practical solutions for the few hard edges and tangled webs that enter your life and business.

Get ready to become more visible and know the right people will come to provide exactly what you need.

Feel exhilarated from the first session of working together as the essential threads to your future reveal themselves.

Find the answers within you to all of the questions you have ever asked yourself.


You are yearning for more fulfilment from your relationships.

You know that something needs to change, but you are not sure what.

You would like a coach with a higher perspective, and one that connects with your deepest truth. 

Come and feel more open than you ever had.

Let me guide you and hold you whilst I help you clear unhelpful associated subconscious programmes. 

Come and dream big and let your heart rule your head because you now know that’s the path to the most fulfilling relationships.

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