Relationship Cord Cutting

Do you have a past relationship or a few that you feel are still connected to you? Would you like to actively set the intention to remove unhelpful energetic or emotional attachments to them?

This meditation releases relationships.

Do you know that feeling that they are never far from your space? That may be because you have created an invisible energy field lingering between you.

This activation will cleanse and clear the energy between you 
If you practice regularly, you may get a deeper layer each time, and this will heal you emotionally, mentally and physically 

You will establish a greater sense of wholeness and inner peace, which over time and internal enquiry, you will definitely have a greater understanding of well being.

Can you magine having many energetic cords connecting you to others?

They can be for any reason, a thought, a sense of need or desire, guilt or an unwillingness to let go, even if you are not entirely aware of it. 

Energy cords can slow you down and make you stay stuck in a particular pattern. 
The best thing to do is release them and feel whole and freer.

You can also use meditation for people in your life because you can cut energetic cords and still help a very healthy relationship with someone.

If you have some underlying negative feelings around a person or feelings, they may have towards you. Use this meditation to release that energy.

How does it work?

It works with intention, visualisation and energy flow; all you need to do is sit up, relax and follow the journey. 

You may lie down but risk falling asleep, so bear this in mind and choose whether you wish to be an active or a passive participant 

You will feel lighter, brighter and have more clarity with the peaceful sensations that this activation will bring

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