21 12 2020 

Meet at The Great Rollright Stones 9.45am  

Sun Rise Activation Meditation 10am

Drive to Avebury Stone Circle to their main car park 

Meet the stones, feel their energy, visit the ancient trees, 

set your intentions for 2021 at the most prolific stone circle in the world! 

Activation Meditation around 1pm 

Connection with the galactic portals  

Together we hold space and anchor ourselves into the earth.

Receive the energetic gifts to connect you with your highest  potential frequency

Option to bring your own lunch or we can book lunch 

at the Red Lion pub and make it a bit of a Christmas Dinner  

Finish before sunset 

Connect for the Ultimate Atunement

There are 2 portals opening this day and I hear this unique frequency has not been available on the planet for 800 years. One portal is over the cosmic pyramid of Tibet built by Zeus and Arch Angel Gabriel built at the fall of Atlantis and another one is the interdimensional portal at Great Zimbabwe

Receive extra high frequency light  to reach your highest potential. Great beings from all over the universe will come to offer these gifts and over-light the portal. Receive the 9th Dimensional diamond flame and use it to the benefit of  bringing your gifts to the world




Bring warm clothes, shoes for hilly walks and wet muddy puddles, a Christmas top, any crystals and tools you like, a journal, a camera, a smile 

Make sure we stick to social distancing. Note that phones do not work at Avebury.   

We will be outside and inside, warm and cold, dry and potentially wet. It is going to be awesome 

I will need numbers for the pub by Sunday night as they are nearly fully booked. You can pay for your food separately. As soon as you have booked this  I will message you to see if you want to join. Spaces are limited. 

Meet me at the Stones


Meet Your Guide

I am Gill Kirkham a hybrid human who bridges the gap between the superconscious and practical ways to feel better in everything and all aspects of your life.  Providing guidance and self -awareness tools is my passion and purpose. Warning my way of meditating and coaching can positively transform your life.  

"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life." Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach

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