We are now ready to go deeper and get more technical

This is a Massive Opportunity to continue the journey and have a special certification process.

Whoop Whoop we have MORE downloads!

We channelled deep heart activations to connect SPIRAL ALCHEMY through emotions at a whole new level

With great power comes great responsibility!

The New Level 2 of Spiral Alchemy Will Include

Experiential Psychic Skills Training

Activation of the High Heart and the Importance of This

Stories Unravelled - 7 Simple Steps to Banish the BS Forever and Embrace the Ego

Plus Group Sessions, Buddy Connections and Ones to Ones with Jayne and I

We Begin on the 11/11 Portal of EMPOWERED MANIFESTING

11am, 11th Day, 11th Month 2021

So it is time to choose whether this is for you

This 3 month container was part channelled, part intuitively guided by my Higher Self to give you the next level of incredible information that has always been available to you and is now ready to activate.

You have already alchemised so much F.E.A.R and made small changes with massive impact.

Your abundance and healing abilities and perceptions of what a new earth will look like have accelerated

Are you ready to expand your abilities and confidence further and UNCONDTIONALLY RECIEVE MORE ?

Whilst sharing the space and time with the same soul group who you have already connected with, as this is where the magic happens

Let us Continue the Collaboration of Empowering Abundance in the

Super Conscious, Stretch Time and Comfort Zones to

Levels of Epic Confidence with a 9th Dimensional Spiral

I am brimming with love and appreciation at how we have all worked together! I listened to your feedback, so Level 2 is extended over 3 months.

There will be an additional offering for a 2/3 day IN PERSON retreat around the Winter Solstice and including a visit to Avebury Stone Circle with other light workers, somewhere between the 19th 20th, 21st & 22nd December so put that date in your diary for now and I will give you confirmation and first chance to book when I have found a fabulous venue. Plus I am in talks with other light workers to create something mega for this time!

I really hope that some of our over seas members can make it over too


Multi -Dimensional Living is the Way for the WISE

We will have three one to ones with Jayne and myself so your business or personal life is thriving and those connections with people on a deeper level begin to blossom, especially the connection with yourself as one of those will be your certification process!

This time of year is about deep connection with what 2022 will look and feel like, so we are going to create the energetic space to manifest that

Here is the Container of HOW!

November and December we take it reasonably easy!

January and February You Will Feel Your Investment Coming Online

During the 7 sessions, you will activate, immerse and integrate this
begin to MASTER the feeling of F.E.A.R consciousness that will ensure you receive
love and abundance unconditionally.


11/11 Portal Opening

One Group Session  

Deep connection and sharing with what you wish to feel and include in the next 12 months and then we enter the 11/11/2021 Manifesting Portal

Introduction to Spiral Alchemy Heart Activation


Heart Connection

One Group Session Come to this session to align, focus and continue the journey of deeper awareness as we connect and  experience the next layer of integration and teaching on a personal level. This will be 2 hours and you will be activated each time. 



Jedi Training


One Group Session Psychic Skills

One Group Session 

a 8 step method to unravel stories for you and others as part of the certification, which you can share with your clients for massive breakthroughs 


Competency Certification 

One to One

You get to use the Spiral with us and if you are ready we will acknowledge your progress and heart with a certificate

30 minutes


Two One to Ones  

Ultimate Energy Alignment 

Continue the journey of transfomation energetics of what may have been holding you back from lifetimes, karma or your ancestry. Together we will know the keys to your ultimate expansion and the first introduction to the  9th Dimensional energy. This will be 90 minutes

Need to Knows!


All sessions will be recorded

Payment is non refundable but will be returned if you the application does not feel in your best interest at this time.

Please treat these sessions like a Modern Day Mystery School so that you are respectfully prioritised, prepared and present to be in receiving mode

One-to-One's can be in person or on Zoom

During the 3 month container you will have a Whats App group for questions, and check ins

Paid In Full Discount

4 x Instalments of


The 9th Dimensional energy is only available to those who have the vibration of generosity, high integrity and openness. Those who are destined to make an impact on the world, like you, those who are so close to cracking open into the next level of that heart led legacy. You will have to make a quick choice and apply immediately. Let your soul lead the way for a second time!

Why is this date so important?

11/11 is Ascension Aligned 

The Outcome 

You are so much more aware of your lights and authentic self that you continually and intentionally  amplify your light for yourself and others.

You have a certificate of process so that Spiral Alchemy is in your tool box

Let's celebrate these kinds of moments being created by all of us!

A few transformations from past events and activations - And these are just the beginning

Hi I am Gill

''I am a multidimensional joy activator Queen of Energetic Mastery and my absolute passion is to not only make the cosmic comfortable but to join ALL the dots of spirituality, sensuality and self love with abundance in wealth and relationships

Everything is connected and I was in hard core sales for many years, reading and connecting people with their desires I now teach this on a whole new level with the help of my Galactic family, Shamanic Medicine Man and White Feather. I am an expert in psychological and metaphysical shadow spots which hold you back, a specialist trauma release coach and have all the will in the world to help raise the vibration on this beautiful earth.''

The clients on the last retreat ended with these words for me. ''Soul Sister'' ''True Champion'' ''All seeing eye'' ''Magnetic'' ''Joy Activator'' ''The Special One'' '' Beyond Words'' ''Channel for Growth'' ''Maestro'' ''Magical''

"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life."
Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach

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