9 x 11 Minute Activation Meditations

Raise Your Vibe

Learn The Meditation Process Yourself

Recordings from Raise the Vibe LIVE That Are Yours Forever

These potent short meditations will help you change your state of mind and relax in 11 minutes

 Soothe your central nervous system at any time of day. An ideal way to tune into your senses and intuition, to be in a creative flow and make confident decisions for you and your business


Have You Noticed The Shift Happening Right Now?

There is a correlation with self aware, vibrant, people and their 
their mind, body and spirit connection. It is about being in-tune with their conscious minds

Some people think that they have to spend thousands on courses and get a certificate to prove they
are connected with themselves.

Or they try to meditate, learn EFT or Reiki and give up immediately as their mind wanders
rather than keeping it in their lives.

‘They  say things like ‘I am no good at bliss state it is clearly not for me”

The worst bit is that people try many things as a one off, give up 
and the result is actually feeling worse, like a failure or flawed

What if you had 11 minutes of ‘feeling held’ available to you at any time, so that you can pause and lean into those few seconds where you felt a connection?

What if those few seconds turned into 30, then 60 then 90 in a few days?

What if you set intentions, and each day you did, you were following through with ease?

What if your new found connection brought more joy, new topics of conversation? New avenues to explore? Better sleep, sex and self love?

Best of all clarity and confidence on significant, toe curling decision making?

The truth is that a short and simple guided practice which connects the mind, breath, body heart and imagination is all that is required

Familiarity Intention Repetition Consistency

4 Pillars of Raise Your Vibe

The same process and voice that connects to the central nervous system, imagination and subconscious mean your entire system becomes automatically ready to connect with your intuitive flow in minutes. Like flexing that intuitive muscle 

Where intention goes, energy flows. Be connected with your truth, and choose which themed 11-minute practice best suits your needs in the present moment

Let the subconscious know which voice, position and words are the sign to relax and create a habit in around 17 days so the connection becomes as easy as driving a car

There are 8 different steps  in the meditation, so your mind does not have time to wander, and you will soon be more connected to yourself

This can be your next step to meditation mastery 

The videos are live footage of RAISE THE VIBE activation meditations

which gives you a choice for each daily practice

Connect with your Heart Space, Inner Wisdom, Zones of Genius Love and Joy

The best bit is, the method is so engaging it will become your personal vibe raising medicine kit


Who is this for?

If you are…

  • Meditation curious and would love to begin
  • Energy shifting curious and embrace your inner healer
  • Wishing to learn a simple practice to use anywhere
  • Loved the RAISE THE VIBE LIVE events
  • Missed some or, all of it
  • Ready to invest in yourself
  • Embracing the power awareness
  • Wanting to wake up your senses 
  • Wishing to improve your attention span
  • On your path of spiritual awakening 

What is it ? & How will you feel?

Raise the Vibe is a wonderful week of guided and channelled meditation 

  • This is the LIVE raw footage in an online course 
  • Minus the juicy Q&A’s as they were for attendees only
  • REPLAY is a simulation: 5 days of 11 minute meditations sent twice a day direct to your inbox. We even made  lots of reminders, for one whole week! 
  • So that you feel like you are in the LIVE experience
  • You will notice your senses liven as this is no average meditation practice
  • Feel commitment, self-accountability, and accomplishment.
  • Instantly feel calm, clearer, and confident

What will you Receive:

The Course Ingredients are different themed meditations consisting of…

 4 x 11minutes day time

4 x 11 minutes evening 

2 x Introduction videos

1 Appreciation of 11 minutes x 2

This simulated experience is for 5 days

Then Access to those 9 meditations in our members vault FOR EVER!

My clients have experienced enhanced clarity, incredible energetic shifts, and sensations through this practice

You simply need to set intentions to feel lighter and brighter, which I am sure you agree is much needed right now i

Imagine what it would be like to… 

  • Feel much more relaxed
  • Know that time is your own
  • Know how to dissolve overwhelm
  • Restore peace in you mind 
  • Feel full connected with what is important right here right now
  • Feel soothed as your vibration changes 
  • Sleep better and relieved of anxiety
  • More sensual and connected sex 

Meet Your Guide

Hey I’m Gill Kirkham.

Modern Day Alchemist

As a coach, mentor and facilitator I bridge the gap between the subconscious and superconscious, business and relationships, this world and the cosmic. Amongst other things! I share practical ways to support expansion in all aspects of your life.  Providing guidance and self -awareness tools is my passion and purpose.

I am a channel a Starseed and will be honoured to work together with you! 

Warning my channelling , meditation and coaching will positively transform your life. 


Rebecca Ann Collins- Artist 

I got a gorgeous ‘huggy’ feeling all round my arms and shoulders it was very comforting! I saw oranges and yellows, dark blue and like a multi purple wavy colour! I feel very grounded today, I have a big interview tomorrow and usually would be nervous, but feel totally ready for this, first time ever! Gill has been amazing in helping me and making me see things in a better light! Thank you! X – Charlotte Benson, Chef

 My heart opened immediately and I felt almost over whelmed with gratitude for the beautiful white light surrounding me. It seemed to be that Gill changed her tone of voice during the ‘I’m Light’ chant and my ears perceived the words as a heart beat rhythm which then blended with the actual rhythms of my body. 

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