Imagine a space in time for you to feel held and fully connected to yourself. My mission is to ask you to be present for 11 minutes twice a day for 4 days... So that you can then navigate your life in a more joyful way.

Is it time to take care of you? I know you will enjoy the process and feel you have gained clarity in the moments. Plus a new level of communication with yourself. You will have the opportunity to meet some lovely people on the same wavelength as you or stay behind the scenes. This is for you to feel tranquil with a subtle sense of achievement even in times of less ease as focus and freedom will flow through you.

The practice sooths the central nervous system, balances the heart, and the connects through breath!
It was created for those that cannot meditate! (I know how hard it can be!) The beauty is that no matter what level you are at you will feel the emotions align and a sense of momentum all at once.
All you need to do is simply be present!



You will have access to the recordings!!!Where else to do you get access to 8 vibe raising meditations that you were there at creation?This is incredible value as the Q & A's created the most extraordinary shifts in participants last year

What's next?
Register now for £11 to begin on the 24th May. People keep asking me why it is so inexpensive... I want you to try it comfortably, dip your toe in, rather than sit on the fence. Plus please bring others along, as together we are stronger
It is my dream to create a movement, to amplify the light of those making a difference.

We go LIVE at 11am and 7 pm each day!

Monday 24th
Tuesday 25th
Wednesday 26th
Thursday 27th

Even if you join one meditation, it will be worth the experience

Does this feel familiar?

Is there part of you that knows you have gifts and abilities you would like to better connect with?

Do you know that with a tiny bit more discipline and a highly intuitive guide ( that’s me by the way 😉 )  you could make some really positive changes?

Do you have a couple of situations in your life that would be greatly improved if you were in a higher vibration?

Are you sick of waiting for answers and you are ready to make more high vibe choices for yourself?

This is for you if you

Love being guided into meditative states or you have
yet to believe fully that you can meditate.

Are into personal development and waking up spiritually.

If you are a coach, healer, therapist, thought leader, entrepreneur and know how important it is to raise the happiness levels and vibration of as many people and possible and you want in!

" You will feel a combination of ancient wisdom,
modern-day meditation methods, neuro science and
my own super conscious alchemy
for healing and transformation in an incredibly
short space of time "
Gill xx

We raised the vibe of over 200 people in RAISE THE VIBE LIVE 1

alchemy in 11 minutes

Fast Track Your Awakening

Inspired Choices

Manifest faster 

Mental and Emotional Clarity 

Create Time 

Develop Superpowers 

 Activate Intuition

Increase Daily Practice 

Dissolve Overwhelm

Evolve & Grow

Restore Peace 

Sleep Well

Have Fun 

' We all know our choices create our life experiences.
In 4 days you will be making higher vibrational choices and the more people
that do this the more we help raise the consciousness on the planet.''
Gill xx

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