It is time to 

lead through your heart

be present and resourceful

rise into all of your capabilities 

It is time to get off of your PHONE and tune into your natural compass, your true north.

You keep feeling like you connect with your intuition, but then it is gone

You feel a little spark of magic and are left wanting more 

You have moments when you wish you had trusted your gut but you missed it somehow

This four-week experience is a gift to lead your own life more confidently, tune into the best choices, and inner knowing  

This is interactive online training to lighten up your intuition pathway and make all kinds of choices brighter and lighter, led and held by Gill Kirkham Modern Day Alchemist 

This connection takes precision and care; this is about spiritual integrity, responsibility and your innate inner wisdom. It is base line inner work to create a safe and focused container

Each week contains a module of structured flow for sustainable intuitive awareness in 90 minutes Zoom sessions. I’ll be combining practical methods, interactive training, channelled Diving technology tool, questions, and coaching. There is a FB group to create a integrated experience

Explore the range of your super senses with me. I hold space and take each member on a personal journey of valuable exploration and realisations. No matter what level of awareness and experience you will advance. There will be activated learning and heightened self-expression to take into the world with grace.

  • Know how to tap into your intuition in seconds 
  • Feel more present and switched on in every moment
  • Be more capable and confident in your choices 
  • There is an element of inner work and commitment to access more of you
  • Be more aligned with your inner genius in a purposeful and reachable way
  • Be more in tune with what to do with all of the above

pay attention to your gut, heart and higher-self

This is a call to connect 

To soul led intuitive beings who are looking to open their senses further

Life moves fast, and we often get caught up in our thinking, which is exhausting

This course will help you be more present and make rapid heart felt decisions

Seed the star in you

 We make bolder moves in business and relationships when we are not overthinking and stressed; 

We use our phones like an extension of us,  and we are more plugged into the internet than ourselves 

This Course will minimise unhelpful patterns of behaviour and give you more head space for the things that light you up inside.

genius, intuition & love

There are so many opportunities to do this kind of work without integrity and not get the importance of empowerment through mastering your energy. You are naturally psychically able; I will show you how to switch that on and turn up the dial. 

nuances and self awareness

The cycle of self-development is about becoming aware of the nuances, the subtle voice, and the flash of feeling that is a yes or a no in decision making. The quicker we can identify the window of focused intuitive messages that come to us, the better we get at no longer having to learn from our mistakes, and we move into more of a flow of consistant aligned  opportunities.

Gill Kirkham Modern Day Alchemist

Hi, Welcome 

I have earnt my stripes in the conscious world by doing years of personal journey inner work. I have learnt how to consistently see, sense and feel the nuances of energy. My genius is an activator of other peoples realisations and truth, I am neuro diverse and see things differently from many. I see into peoples energies, their truth, heart, what is holding them back and importantly how to alchemise this into all the potential they have.

My past is corporate. property and sales, my present is multi-dimensional connection, release and awakening, trauma release, entity release, truth seeker, psychic channel, communication expert

Time for your diary each week

90-minutes of fueling your vitality

STARTS: 13th September 

  • London – 8 pm
  • Miami – Washington – Caribbean 3 pm
  • Mexico City – 2 pm
  • Perth – Hong Kong – 3 am
  • Costa Rica – 1 pm

All sessions will be recorded and held in a portal should you wish to repeat them.

Your commitment will pay off

schedule with added alchemy

Inner work is about structure, integrity and spiritual responsibility and how that shapes your reality, learn the nuances to master this daily. self-practice.

Energetic tool to connect with your third eye and skills training with others

Join the dots, heart and Intuition conscious connection and how to use it

In a meditative state, you will be guided to feel this connection and see how you can use it in real-life situations. 

Personalised coaching and dive in , session 


Four weeks of blissful learning and activations

Energetic tools for you to use with self, friends or clients 

Activation Meditations

All live sessions recorded, so you can watch on catch up

FB group for bonding and extra connection

Measurable Growth


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Mission Intuition Only
First 10 People by 25th August


Mission Intuition 



Mission Intuition Accelerate


Two one to one Breakthrough Sessions with Gill 



Mission Intuition  VIP

Six one to one Breakthrough Sessions with Gill

Six Clarity Check Ins 

5 Spaces Max 

Means the Course is FREE 

£3,300 or £1,100 x 3 months

Breakthrough Sessions

what people say

Soul Sister       
True Champion     
All Seeing Eye 
Joy Activation    The Special One    Beyond Words 
Magical   Channel For Growth

‘I had sinusitis for 22 years, Gill helped me realise this was caused by my worrying mind, over thinking and fear. After processing this in one incredible session my sinusitis was cleared and WOW is all I can say.” Yolanda Janson, Deep Impact Coach
Yolanda Janson
Deep Impact coach
I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life."
Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach
Lynn Taylor
“Gill has some hidden superpowers! An incredible session that got into the deep rooted stuff which I have been trying to work on for years. Gill uncovered, healed and released in a mind blowing way, and this has rippled with positivity through my business and relationships.” Claire Dore, Business Coach
Claire Dore
Business Coach

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 Chosen on heart-felt merit. Email gill@gillkirkham.com

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