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Released a person from her auric field that she has not been able to for months. '' Fantastic beautiful meditation, I still feel wrapped in the energy. I slept like a baby and had the most amazing astral travel dream. Woken up today extremely grateful. My shoulder pain has completely gone. Going to do it again this evening. Gill, you truly are magical.’’
Leah Arnold
Psychic Space Holder
‘’That activation was exceptional, the journey is always magical, an incredibly powerful way to release unwanted energies & get back into alignment.’’
Claire Dore
Wild Woman Business Coach
'' Was very concerned about a situation that completely disappeared through the activation.''
Ajay Pattni
'' I felt completely whole and energy flowing around my body and since still feeling a really good kind of lovely clarity which I have felt before through my Tai Chi Qigong, but this feels deeper. I feel comfortably open with nice inner strength and wholeness. My energy practice feels ‘more’ too. It is so exciting to widen my connection. Sending love, gratitude and hugs" ❤🌟
James Williams
''I was blown away as have never done anything like this before ‘’I felt the energy flowing through my hands’’ for the first time EVER and the Q & A session was mega valuable.''
Laura Weedon
OMB Cue Virtue
''I did the recording this morning and I loved it! I’m a bit scared of my ego... also the love wall. I had some real resistance around taking that down but it was very powerful to do it. I’ve reconnected with a vulnerability around my heart . Thank you Gill.''
Jessica Harrod
Breathe Out With Jess



I got a gorgeous ‘huggy’ feeling all round my arms and shoulders it was very comforting! I saw oranges and yellows, dark blue and like a multi purple wavy colour! I feel very grounded today, I have a big interview tomorrow and usually would be nervous, but feel totally ready for this, first time ever! Gill has been amazing in helping me and making me see things in a better light! Thank you! X – Charlotte Benson, Chef

 My heart opened immediately and I felt almost over whelmed with gratitude for the beautiful white light surrounding me. It seemed to be that Gill changed her tone of voice during the ‘I’m Light’ chant and my ears perceived the words as a heart beat rhythm which then blended with the actual rhythms of my body. Rebecca Ann Collins- Artist 


"Gill facilitates in such a way that everyone feels empowered and connected. She creates a safe space to heal and offers the tools to grow into a healthier version of who we are as individuals.'' Alex Dally - Yoga and Gong Bath Teacher
''I had the biggest shift in my own personal development '' Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach
''I was overwhelmed and had a huge deadline. I was BLOWN away at the positive impact of the transformation post meditation the next morning my project flowed through me.'' Kerrie Leather - Marketing Coach
"Gill is clear informative and humorous I can embrace all negative thoughts and feelings in an instant, because I can see them for what they are, and now I have the tools to turn them around into a positive." Mikaela Dixon - Artist and Graphic Designer
" I feel stronger, strong in ways I was not even aware that I could.''
Ana E Corchs - Conscious Marketeer
  ''Gill has an amazing understanding of the human psyche as well as a  gift that has helped me to connect with so much, which has not only benefited me, my business and family." Chrissie Tan, Director of Early Life Ultra Sound

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