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 The Luminous Collective is your go-to place for the ultimate self-investment.”

Mikaela Dixon

“The content is always fresh, and you will develop new practices and tools to raise the bar in all aspects of your life.” 

Chrissie Cooper

Hi I am Gill Kirkham, The Modern Day Alchemist

The community gives you space and time not always available in every day life.

I will meet you where you are at.

I have 20 years in relationship sales, am a qualified trauma release coach, healer, facilitator, and a channel, likened to a human switchboard! 

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and emotions run high. My mission is to support personal empowerment through self awareness and unshakeable confidence.

There is the option to do very little, simply show up, feel held, and be present or you can dive into all of the sessions and begin to ride the waves.

The key is keeping standards and consistency high so that everyone gets the best out of it. 

Do you have a soul-driven business? Or are you looking to build one? There are many experts in their field already in this from all over the world to welcome you into the HIVE mind. We are actually all very entertaining too! This is not for you if you are not looking for expansion…



You now have a choice of LUMI or LUMINOUS…



The space to feel held and re-energised 

and connected with your gifts through channelled activations. 

Your go to place for connection of mind, body and higher self



All of LUMI plus steps into deeper awareness and empowerment through 

intuitive training and a coaching experience to inspire and encourage

 you to shine your brightest light into the world 


Which one is for you?



The structure is formed so that each week you will have 1 or 2 sessions to join or listen to, and the recordings are available unless the space was purely for the participants on the live session. The concept is practical coaching mixed with highly intuitive training so that you will channel and choose the life you wish, grow your business and enjoy harmonious relationships 


"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development.
The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand
myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life."
Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach


Members Say...

'I was overwhelmed and had a huge deadline and couldn't write. Post activation I was BLOWN away at the positive impact of the transformation in me. Hilariously my family were so grateful for the change as the difference. Then to top it off, the next day the project which was stuck literally flowed through me.'' Kerrie Leather - Marketing Coach
"Gill is clear informative and humorous I have seen all of my worries for what they are, have began my new business and feel fully inspired to take it to the next level. Plus I have let go of a very toxic relationship with ease. as the community is supportive and so much fun." Mikaela Dixon - Artist and Graphic Designer
"Luminous is about self-discovery, learning and joy. It has a beautiful culture. I have journeyed alongside people from across the globe, and together, we learn how to make the absolute best of life, cutting out the fuzz that prevents us from being the happiest and the best that we can be.   Gill has an amazing understanding of the human psyche as well as a  gift that has helped me to connect with so much, which has not only benefited me, my business and family." Chrissie Tan, Director of Early Life Ultra Sound

''I feel stronger in ways I have never felt strong before, I was not even aware of this strength I had before meeting Gill and joining Luminous. ''Ana E Corchs, of Conscious Marketing
"Gill facilitates The Collective and highlights the mirroring lessons shared in the group. Everyone feels empowered and connected. She creates a safe space to heal and offers the tools to grow into a healthier version of who we are as individuals.'' Alex Dally - Yoga and Gong Bath Teacher


*Recognise your intuition *Feel held and supported *Learn how to meditate

* Develop the Luminous meditation technique *Enhance your psychic and telepathy skills 

*Raise your standards *Set better boundaries *Be more confident and visible  

*Spot your triggers and know what to do with them* Bust through money blocks 

*Declutter your life, home, and business *See results in your business fast

*Notice more synchronicities *Sleep better *Have more conscious relationships

*Stress less and have more purposeful behaviour *Attract the people to help you RISE

*Feel courageously ready for more *Take those progressive passion led steps          *Connect with your Divine masculine and feminine energies

*Get clarity on your purpose  *Meditate into all realms *Connect with your guides and beings *Manifest through love* Have a much improved sense of time and what to do with it


I know that you have more in you and you can access it simply on the other side of the veil.

 It seems I know exactly what to say when you need to hear it. You have so much more to experience. 

 I encourage every single member to share their skills and talents. 

I connect with your energy, the metaphysics the truth of your heart and it guides me to ask you 

exactly the right questions, I want nothing more for you to be bold and leave your imprint on the

earth and that feeling of ultimate achievement and satisfaction.


 You are completely chilled about time because you have everything you need, everything is in flow, 

work doesn’t feel hard any more it feels like a joy, the income is less feast and famine, and more 

BIG FEAST. You understand that surrender is great and you are no longer in fear of losing 

control, you have complete trust that you simply tap into your radiant energy field to create 

the results you envisage easily, and you know that anything is possible with less effort because you




My entire life transitioned from a leader in sales and marketing to a coach. An unusual string 

of family and financial circumstances led me to question all forms of human behaviour and life 

on earth. My soul led me to many energetic teachings and I even tried plant medicine. (It gave 

me what I needed but I wouldn’t do it again). I have connection with star beings, animal spirits,  

the darkest rage and deepest love. I became a coach and filled my diary in the first 3 months.  

I have led many retreats, business accelerator programs, entrepreneur projects, shadow self

 relationship programmes, self love, soul purpose, and Quantum Jumps at large festivals 

and my most satisfying online Masterminds. My soul had put me on the ‘healers journey.’ 

You know the one, full of pain and trauma (thank God, Universe, higher-self, soul plan what ever you 

feel is true to you) so I could learn so much!  So I can now authentically show up and feel every

 single emotion that my clients experience and be a wide awake human.


I realised the power of the cycles on the planet, the moon, the seasons, our cycles physically and in 

behaviour, and I have loved leading meditations for years, I slowly realised that my special 

superpower is a huge spectrum of connection with all energies. Someone once said I was the most 

profound communication system they have ever known. It made me realise that I used to 

beat myself up about being ‘Jack’ or  Gill of all trades and master of none. What that actually means 

is that I can connect with all kinds of energy, animal, spirit, multidimensional and you! 

I also have access to an amazing sense of Joy which is of galactic essence. So my purpose is to reach 

as many people as possible and connect them with their joy through activation meditations 

and the guidance of planetary energy.

The LUMINOUS SPACE is in the quantum field of all potentiality, where you connect with your highest intentions during the activations. You know the power of intention and the potency of being in energetic flow. You would love to learn a special technique plus have the benefit of monthly LIVE sessions which will help you expand YOUR positive impact on the world with a network of people that are together for the same reason. Once you raise your standards in your spiritual practice you will attract those raised standards in every aspect of your life. 

There are many recorded activation meditations

which you will have at your finger tips the moment you join

Here is a sample !

Do you have a feeling that there is unfinished business with an ex? Or would you like to bring awareness to releasing the emotion around someone in your life now! This meditation activates awareness and leads you to intentionally communicate with these people on a higher self-level. You will release energetic cords that may be unhealthy attachments and if you feel great after you know the work is done. If you feel that there is more to understand and clear you will get the message. Send me an email if you wish to tell me about your experience and know there is more! 

Do you have a feeling that there is unfinished business with an ex? Or would you like to bring awareness to releasing the emotion around someone in your life now! This meditation activates awareness and leads you to intentionally communicate with these people on a higher self-level. You will release energetic cords that may be unhealthy attachments and if you feel great after you know the work is done. If you feel that there is more to understand and clear you will get the message. Send me an email if you wish to tell me about your experience and know there is more! 

You attract what you are, not what you want!  Be guided into feeling you are right there! This imagination journey will lead you to rise into the space of light and high frequency to clarify and manifest your dreams. 

Remember everything in Luminous is about ‘AIA’ – Awareness Intention and Action. Bring this vision to the forefront of this month’s group goal setting so we can ensure the best next steps are in achievable and in alignment.


This activation meditation is a wonderful experience of connecting with your emotional, energetic and physical body by recognising when you need to take time to heal. Notice where the emotion lives in your body! I guide you to work with the heart space and the emotion of loneliness, which you can adapt to any emotion and any part of the body. Use the guidance I channelled over and over again to connect to yourself for inner healing when you need it most.

There are times when we can surrender to our central nervous system, we want to perform better and feel happier but there is something that isn’t quite right!  This meditation is a form of emotional surrender to your self-care. It is short, beautiful and a gift to yourself.

Got a Question?

  • Those on their wakening journey who feel the pull
  • Starseeds ready to shine
  • Business owners who wish to grow from the inside out to increase their impact on the world.  
  • Those in the start-up or established phase who feel lost and lonely doing it by themselves and need the support, accountability and the absolute clarity Luminous brings.
  • Those who are ready to connect with their inner gifts and purpose.
  • Those who like to be kept on track with other courses and projects.
  • Those who understand that consistency is important yet know  output needs to be through  tuning in to self and energy, not by forced  flow. 
  • Those who value a  soft place to land, to let go of comparisonitous and value a safe space to acknowledge the guilt of could do better and alchemise it into purposeful productivity.  A place where  no judgement is a hashtag opinion is swapped for compassion
  • Those who want to join an exciting global  network of conscious  leaders with  integrity at their core, looking to grow, laugh and see the bigger picture and next steps together.

The Bi-monthly Activation Meditations will gently realign you with your true self and core desires. You will feel calmer, clearer and happier. Simply commit to 90 minutes twice month (the rest is a huge bonus). You will know what to make time for, stop creating distractions, feel stronger about saying ‘no’ and put healthy boundaries in place.  You will not waste time and be on point, better at acknowledging your achievements and slicker at creating processes. Oh and the number one benefit, you will trust and love yourself more to make great decisions and attract via your radiance 

Prepare for the unexpected. The calling of curiosity will come from your heart. It may be a whisper or a holla. The meditations and Gill’s coaching is something you will wish to explore from a higher place! You will have the opportunity to connect with all of your senses, your truth and many many levels of consciousness. Are you ready to be held and journey into a new place of joy?

In the moment – You will have realisations, sensations and connections so that you feel lighter, brighter and a new outlook.

Incremental shifts – Slowly you will pick new perspectives and behaviours that feel like they are the most natural changes in the world so life feels good!

Retrospective – You will experience those ‘WOW’ moments so you can look back and see how far you have come.

Yes absolutely! This is an inclusive, judgement free environment. simply bring your authentic self.

Yes you can cancel at any time with 30 days written notice. Refunds are not provided. 

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