open your senses &
heighten your awareness

LUMINATE will BRING YOU higher performance and a happier life

The 3 things we want in life especially in business and relationships are: 

1. Energy Management- Sleep, Vitality and Play

2. Deeper Sense of Self – Connection, Confidence and Courage 

3. Ability to Write ‘in flow’ – So the best words simply come anytime

Oh and to let go of the self -judgement that comes with perfectionism is also available in this course. 

Wouldn’t that be extraordinary? 


You have recently seen the changes in your perception of the world and you are feeling more positive and confident

There is a new anticipation inside you, and maybe some incredible opportunities have arisen

You are ready to be present, commit to change and raise the bar! 

LUMINATE your life is a LIVE immersive course beginning very soon 


So we can continue:


"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life." Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach

we begin on TUESDaY
December 8th 2020 7pm

LUMINATE has a different structure to RAISE THE VIBE LIVE  

I know  you are ready to get more comfortable with the cosmic so your perceptions and abilities fast track

So it will look like this…

3 x 90 minute LIVE weekly interactive sessions covering the content I know will enhance your current practice


Exercising the skills you have learnt so far will ensure that you will have more confidence to live the life you love. LUMINATE will activate the next level of self awareness and receiving


The weekly sessions will be accessible to all at 7pm UK BST 

We will have a private Facebook LUMINATE community, plus you will have an extended opportunity for email access to me for questions and support. 

*** BONUS ***

Continued Intuitive Guidance and Coaching with Q&A included in the sessions


6 extra 11 minute meditations at 11am to maintain the HIGH VIBE and as we are in flow together

All sessions recorded and available for you forever! 


Ready to perceive and believe your way into deliciousness?



Week 1 – 8th December 7pm UK BST 

Meditation, Vibration and Energy Centres Immersive Workshop

(Chakras: understand, open, cleanse and balance)

* Introduction to the 7 energy centres and their significance 

to your vitality, emotional, physical and 

mental health and happiness


*Activation meditation to understand the sounds and 

to cleanse, purify and harmonise your energy centres 


*Experience the opening of each of the 7 main energy 

centres so you activated to self connect in future, so 

that you can self heal and rejuvenate at will  



  • It is beyond balance it is awakened harmony
  • Increased alertness, health and well being
  • Belief and knowing how to self  heal 
  •  your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional status
  • Increased openness, memory, concentration and awareness.
  • Positive perception of behaviours and thought processes, 
  • Understanding of self and others on a deeper level
  • Heightened creativity and better resourcefulness because you can tap in to more of self
  • Confidence in abilities and self worth rises
  • Improved sleep
  • Emotions management and improved patience.

Week 2 – 15th December 7pm UK BST

The Truth and Significance of Self Love Interactive Workshop

(This truly is the key to abundance and the fast track to making things happen with ease)  

*How we choose our reality around our standards and self LOVE

*The truth about the Law of Attraction and how it doesn’t work if you are not in this zone

* Why it is time to stop blaming the parents and how, so you can move forward, value yourself, charge more and attract the best people into your life


  • The more you love yourself the happier you become
  • The better connection you have with the part of you that loves yourself the more your life takes meaning
  • You instantly know what decisions and choices to make
  • People respond positively as you radiate high standards and deserving 
  •  You lose the self judgement and agony of perfectionism 
  • You can simply shift away from dependency like food, drink, drugs, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships


Week 3 – 22nd December

Winter Solstice Intuitive Writing Class Immersive and Interactive Workshop

*Learn and experience Automatic Writing 

*Feel why it is one of the biggest gifts of self healing and inner confidence you can give yourself 

*High VIBE Activation Meditation to open into 21.12.2020 Solstice VIBE  


  • Your confidence in your own inner guidance is switched up
  • You deepen your inner knowing as your Soul/Higher Self feels at one with you
  • You’ll have more joy and clarity in your daily life as a result
  • A decisiveness without expectations grows
  • Your intuitive senses become laser focused and more fun to explore
  • You can connect with spiritual gifts that you may have switched off as a child
  • You feel whole and more internally supported
  • Improved ability to have more wolf like instincts
  • Your mind is opened to more
  • Your ability to cope and decipher anxiety and stress in heightened x 100


This is an experiential journey not one where you will have to remember lots of information as you will simply feel your energy heighten as new awareness happens.

A space that is SO much easier than working out a strategy.

It’s a space where your vibe gets raised so you will feel that anything is possible.  

And as a result, you will go out and take the action that you need to make the life you love.


this course grants you access to My membership which opens soon because you will be ready to take yourself to the next level

Gain all of the intuitive tools you will
need to hit the ground running in 2021.
Your wellbeing, business and
relationships will prosper from being
present on this course

Love Notes From My Community...

"Gill facilitates The Collective and highlights the mirroring lessons shared in the group. Everyone feels empowered and connected. She creates a safe space to heal and offers the tools to grow into a healthier version of who we are as individuals.'' Alex Dally - Yoga and Gong Bath Teacher
'I was overwhelmed and had a huge deadline and couldn't write,, I was BLOWN away at the positive impact of the transformation post the activation  my family were so grateful for the change in me and the next morning my project flowed through me.'' Kerrie Leather - Marketing Coach
"Gill is clear informative and humorous I can embrace all negative thoughts and feelings in an instant, because I can see them for what they are, and now I have the tools to turn them around into a positive." Mikaela Dixon - Artist and Graphic Designer
"Luminous is about self-discovery, learning and joy. It has a beautiful culture. I have journeyed alongside people from across the globe, and together, we learn how to make the absolute best of life, cutting out the fuzz that prevents us from being the happiest and the best that we can be.   Gill has an amazing understanding of the human psyche as well as a  gift that has helped me to connect with so much, which has not only benefited me, my business and family." Chrissie Tan, Director of Early Life Ultra Sound


I am here to Luminate your Life

Commit to be present and this is my commitment to you. 

There is no benchmark to joining based on where you are in your spiritual journey. 

Where you are right now is beyond fine. The guidance and resources I share are in time with your present energy and the collective energy and you will experience a  more profound feeling  of  flow each time we connect. 

I will inspire meaningful realisations and you will make sustainable changes in your life.

REgister today

This is the lowest price LIVE course I have ever offered to encourage those that are sitting on the fence to jump in and go for it

I have an option of a 2 month payment plan so one payment now then one in mid January 

All sessions are recorded so you can be LIVE or catch up. Plus the sessions can be used time and time again to continue the inner work.  

 The connections you make in the LUMINATE community will be for a reason and it will a new sense of personal belonging and potential friends for life.

The deeper connection with your self will help all of your relationships with others.

Investment £176

Payment Plan available of

£88 in December and £88 in January 

8’s are the number of infinity and abundance 




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