This is the high vibe meditation and activation space to make a better connection with yourself.
Are you ready to explore something 'different' to help your self awareness and confidence grow?.

Each activation will make you feel held and energised no matter how your day has been.

Participation in the global community is a choice and there are extra sessions in there too.

I always recommend at least two activations so you are in one moon cycle so that you release the old and are open to new experiences with intention.
Cancelation is simple. You may wish to stay! See the latest events below and community goodies!

Gill Kirkham
Channel, Guide, Mentor



£22 per month

You may cancel at any time

This is the next LIVE Activation Meditation

We will connect with beings of light that help you through a third eye awareness to better measure the solid knowledge you already have. 


It is about learning to take your time to make wise decisions in a practical way. This activation is for that awareness  


The journey itself will be one of gentle soft hand-holding through a lift into personal ascension   


They will guide you at the moment and give you an opportunity to see and feel your higher self


Messages in this meditation come in the form of visions or feeling Develop your need to not always go deep and switch to your inner knowing


We are on a wave of communication in reverse – It is time to not make mistakes

So an exciting time to test yourself! 

A guided channeled meditation in line with the planetary energy, specifically around the New Moon which actually feels less powerful than the full moon, but is actually far more potent than we realise for making our desires become our reality  



All welcome whether you are new to meditation or a channel yourself, this is a gift of harmonising your energy. 


Once you have relaxed through the unique method of connecting with your mind, body, and higher self to ease connection no matter what day you have had, Gill will take you on a journey to bliss with activation qualities of joy to help you navigate your life


This activation is a deep and lovely guided journey into a place of all potential.


You will have the space to remember that vision and connection as you follow your future happiness.


Come relax re-energise, open, and expand your consciousness 

LIVE Q & A to follow 

Recordings will be sent and kept in the community for easy access.

All events are on Zoom, please let me know if you need help and my team will guide you in.

Please be hydrated, calm, and ready to relax, be punctual as once my eyes are closed, the energy is set  I will not see you. 

You are welcome to join the Q& A following.

The best bit is you can do the activation on repeat in your own time.

Contact if you have any questions 



My Intention for this community is to provide guidance, support and channelled messages of healing through any transitions so that you can surf the waves rather than get stuck in the tide!

Hi, I am Gill Kirkham 

Channel. Mentor, Facilitator, Medium Trauma Release Coach, Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic and Mystic, Relationship Sales Expert, Galactic girl,  likened to a human switchboard, and on a mission to support you navigating to your joy 

Lynn Taylor- Wellness Coach

"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development.
The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand
myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life."

What Your Lumi Subscription Involves

1 Live Q&A

Each month Gill opens a Zoom to welcome new members and has a live Q&A for all members. Gill will be answering your questions on everything awakening related and gaining clarity on how you can navigate your best next steps, from the current energies, ascension symptoms,  subconscious programs, inner child, Chakras, meditation and navigating relationships, diet, money, business, intuition spiritual growth, families, and everything in between. You can ask your questions live or in advance on any topic.

2 Live Guided Activations

Each month, join Gill live online for a guided journey and activation that brings you into specific alignment with your joy, surfing the currently planetary energy. Gills specific mission is to accelerate self-empowerment and self-awareness through connecting with all aspects of self and the universal energy.  There are often higher dimensional Light Beings and chakra openings that extend growth and connection whilst being in bliss state. The Luminous Activation Space in is in the quantum field where you hold the vibration of your future intention.

Community Group

Join the online group allowing you to connect with and receive support from the community in between the live events and so much extra information and in person meets ups. Also, members are encouraged to open up their workshops and masterclasses as practice or simply to offer to other members to enjoy.

Goal and Intention Setting

At the beginning of each month, Gil will open up a Zoom for all members to set goals and intentions for the month to come. A very valuable session.

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