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Would you consider yourself any of the following?

Intuitive leader, coach, healer, facilitator, therapist, Starseed, or someone on their awakening journey?  

Do you wish to harness the gifts you were born with, so that you feel more in tune, present, and connected?

To be in tune means a more harmonious life, one where choices are frequent and decisions come easily, so that you have better connections in relationships with family, friends, and clients and you feel so present that you are leading your life from a place of courage, happiness, and success. 

Why is this date so important?

The planetary energy leading to this day is to heal old emotional wounds by new codes of light coming into our conscious awareness ( if you want to know more about this please PM Gill post sign up) 

The 8th day of the 8th month August 2021 is a day to transform and activate your next level of awareness and gifts. It is time to step up emotionally so that you are enabled to detach from the low levels of stress, chaos, and doubt.

The numbers 88 are relevant to infinite abundance in numerology 


The Outcome 

A  clearer higher self-connection, a sense of courageous vulnerability to be your authentic radiant self, and new tools to see sense or feel your psychic self. You will feel empowered to set stronger boundaries and live a life from a deeper sense of self deserving, 

Potential to activate your human/galactic  Shaman/energetic/Earth Spirit to serve in a higher time line so that you fully embody the knowledge that you are a soul having a human experience. 

Removal of fear of expressing yourself, opening your heart and being your whole self, removal of the sense of spinning many plates and trying lots of things because you will be more in alignment with your sense of peace and purpose.

It fills me with JOY and PURPOSE to say to you ''Meditation will never be the same again!''

The Planetary Alignment is 

Earth has 2 suns, Sirius the massive blue planet rises with our sun at the same time and aligns with the Lionsgate energy portal. 

Is this for you? 

Yes if you have been under immense pressure to raise your personal vibration. Yes if you are here to serve others. Yes if you have been noticing triple numbers or other synchronised occurrences and noncoincidences Yes if you have felt you are different and alone and now you are ready to embrace the feelings you have been hiding from. Yes if you are ready to lead from your heart and decide that it is time to speak your truth.

What this means to you

You will become the multi-dimension being you were here to be and let go of the shackles of what you feel you ‘should be’, or fear to express yourself, plus important the need to compare or have dependencies which are holding you backYou will become more aware  You will be working with Gill to help raise the collectives connection to move into 5D Yes

The beginning of a whole new kind of 12 month cycle- You must be able to feel the energy building up? Chaos and Calm all at once

This is for you if you have been trying hard to raise your frequency this year and you have been having massive energy highs and lows as you have been responding to the planetary energy . You have been feeling stuck and unmotivated during this time and you know it is all to activate your inner earth angel or galactic shaman so that you can serve more humans on this awakening and you know  is time to make choices and decisions from the heart and soul not the mind and emotions

How will this show in day to day life?

You will operate from the heart, less from the rational mind so the basic for all decisions is love not fear. The mind is meant to process information not make decisions. Know more instinctively how to not make emotional decisions  so your world becomes more conscious and joyful. Become more aware of your sacred connection with the earth

You were born with these gifts and awareness within you, simply connect and learn

Fees and Need to Knows! 

Online Half Day Retreat Time Line

Please be ready for arrival at 10am  

Zoom Opens- Intro  

Movement with Heidi Smith ( my Solstice retreat facilitator)

5D Opening Activation 

Release of emotional decision making, new way training and connect to your psychic garden


Lionsgate Activation

Closing activation to rest and restore as we integrate the energy 

Finish 1 pm  Please make sure the rest of the day is about relaxation and joy, as the energy will be powerful 

This is for you –  

If you have been feeling the call to wake up spiritually, energetically and emotionally and help others do the same by stepping up to your higher vibration responsibilities 

Pricing: £58 

 Recording included should you miss the live retreat for any reason or you wish to revisit the activations for a top up or energetic alignment- 

First 50 places are £47 with the coupon code STARSEED 

(this must be applied at the point of purchase) 

The Participants from the last retreat were asked to describe Gill in one or two words this is what they said…

Soul Sister , True Champion, All-Seeing Eye, Magnetic, Joy Activator, The Special One, Beyond Words, Channel For Growth, Maestro, Magical 

 ‘For those that know me, you know I go the extra mile when it includes extraordinary connection.  I make the cosmic comfortable and join the dots between healthy living, self-love, communication, and incredibly real and meaningful spiritual growth and self-development So that you grow emotionally energetically, financially, and spiritually. 
I have a unique set of gifts, I connect with Galactic energy, Shamanic energy, past lives, metaphysics, mediumship, and healing emotional blocks and  I am an expert in seeing your potential in relationships and business and giving you a clear road map to make it happen. My gifts are creating connections between humans, and their true potential. On this retreat you will feel held by the energy I channel and the imprint of this experience will help you define your future in a very positive way”

"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life."
Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach

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