Relationship Cord Cutting

Do you have a past relationship or a few that you feel are still connected to you? Would you like to actively set the intention to remove unhelpful energetic or emotional attachments to them?

This relationship release meditation comes with an INNER ENQUIRY workbook that will help you have some huge realisations and perception changes about yourself and relationships.

It also means you are on my list to be first to know about events and happenings.

Become the Alchemist of Your Genius, Intuition, Love and Legacy

It is time to acknowledge every aspect of you.  Each one of your stories begins with a tale of old. They all have a thread that leads to your true desires and connected self. 

Stories of the past that shape you are often about spiritual and emotional restriction and limitations that reflect in all areas of your life.  Then all of a sudden BOOM… You have a sense of wanting change and these stories take on a whole new meaning. The redirection happens which wakes you up and that is when you know you want more.

Mine was a story of huge deceit, abandonment and training as a trauma release coach to know humans inside out.  Then one night after years of exploring different modalities whilst working as a business consultant to leaders the connections and learning kept coming. I became a life and business mentor, channel and coach known as the  Modern Day Alchemist 

Alchemist because together we connect with the ordinary, shift through the unhelpful, heal the past to create new stories and set you on a whole new magical journey 

Sean walker Testimonial image
''I wouldn’t say this lightly. I would highly recommend reaching out to Gill"‘
Sean Walker
Director of Nero Recruitment
Laura ludlow image
"Gill has something very special, I feel much more connected to myself, and work with a sense of absolute clarity."
Laura Ludlow
Founder of DiscovHer, The WonderList and Brave & Brilliant Pod Cast
Victoria Knowles Lack
''Gill has changed my life my business is thriving and I’ve let go of so much!''
Victoria Knowles Lack
CEO Shot Gun & Chelsea Bun Club. Best Selling Author of Make it Happen

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Becoming the Alchemist

You have high standards and your values shine bright,  Your souls’ essence is flowing through you to transform the old programing into pure unconditional receiving of the life you wish to create

5 years ago you would not recognise who you truly are. Now all the potential available to you is in reach.

I want you to feel inspired in every moment, whilst feeling held and supported.  

Tuned into your heart with graceful magnitude and stay there longer each time. Be motivated in your courageous action to attract exactly the best people and situations to bring your mission and passion to fruition.

A true leader can let go of control and old stories which hold them back. I will help you see them all and create the new ones of your future.”


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