11 minutes to Freedom of the mind & flow

Discover the control you have over your state of being in this simple masterclass with an immersive, part channelled 11 minute meditation practice

There is no anxiety and doubt in this space, simply brilliance!

Where intention goes energy flows 

It is time to connect
within to transform your world

Hi I am Gill 

Modern Day Alchemist 

I have created this space for free, to heighten your awareness and light you so you have more clarity and damn right sass! (all genders included) 

I want to help you not just manage your life but release anything which is holding you back 

Because of my special gifts you may have awakening experiences and the release of your emotional and energetic blocks 

There is too much information and noise out there 

You will  learn on a deeper level how to bridge the gap into incredible self awareness. 

I am hosting these sessions to help Raise the Vibration of as many people as possible – Please send the link to your friends 

Phenomenal Flow in February

Register now and get a reminder to join 3 times this month –  Begin your Thursdays with self investment 

Thursday 11th February 9am 

Thursday 18th February 9am

Thursday 25th February 9am 

The massive bonus is that there will be Q & A after so you get to share understand and a piece of my highly intuitive coaching skills

You can be in the whole experience of just the meditation – you can have you camera on or off, you decide how immersed you wish to be  

Live comments from RAISE THE VIBE LIVE where we did
5 days of this practice in a row

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