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''It fills me with Goddess Warrior vibes to empower others with this technique to raise self awareness, allow unconditional receiving and take courageous action.''

Gill Kirkham

A few transformations from past events and activations - And these are just the beginning

Hi I am Gill

''I am a multidimensional joy activator Queen of Energetic Mastery and my absolute passion is to not only make the cosmic comfortable but to join ALL the dots of spirituality, sensuality and self love with abundance in wealth and relationships

Everything is connected and I was in hard core sales for many years, reading and connecting people with their desires I now teach this on a whole new level with the help of my Galactic family, Shamanic Medicine Man and White Feather. I am an expert in psychological and metaphysical shadow spots which hold you back, a specialist trauma release coach and have all the will in the world to help raise the vibration on this beautiful earth.''

The clients on the last retreat ended with these words for me. ''Soul Sister'' ''True Champion'' ''All seeing eye'' ''Magnetic'' ''Joy Activator'' ''The Special One'' '' Beyond Words'' ''Channel for Growth'' ''Maestro'' ''Magical''

"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life."
Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach

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