Together in Person at Avebury Stone Circle & Online Half Day Retreat

20th and 21st December

Recognise your truly awakened self and expand your next level awareness of the disciplines, gifts and the unconditional love available for you to master during this 2 day retreat.  Join either day or both

This profound experience is held by Arch Angel Metatron tube of light and will be anchored into the Collective through the sacred space held in the energy of Avebury on the 20th and then online on the 21st as the Solstice portal opens 


It is our duty to RAISE THE VIBRATION of The Collective! 


Activate new energy flow into the back of your 5D heart chakra. This will give you a greater capacity to hold a higher light frequency, vibration and consciousness than ever before

Need to Knows and Booking Here! 

 Avebury In Person  

Monday 20th December 

 Avebury Stone Circle where a maximum of 20 people will join me to anchor the 11 Modalities into the earth during the opening of the Solstice Portal 

Plus we will access an inside event where Jayne Tricker will synchronise the energies into each person with the channelled sound frequency of the singing bowls in a hall in Avebury (Social Distancing Rules Allowing) 


BEGIN: 12 pm at the Stones


OUTSIDE: Initiation  Activation in the Stone Circle and the magical Beech Trees of Avebury

LUNCH: ( free time) 

INSIDE: Connection with all aspects of yourself in this incredible energy with channelling and singing bowls 

FINISH: 5 pm  

you will get free access to the online event) 

Local hotels are available if you wish to

 take your time in this beautiful place

This is for you if you are feeling inspired to rise and fall in the momentum of the Avebury Stone Circle and be an active participant in a multidimensional collaborative, planet supporting, comfort zone stretching day! 


(Includes access to online retreat)



Tuesday 21st December

Online for the global community and those happy in their homes.  We meet together for this life-changing activation and planetary support for the absolute pinnacle activation of the year! And what a year it has been 

There will be a similar activation, sound bath and experiential journey with your fellow intuitives’ so that you can activate, process and initiate your new connections.


BEGIN:  on Zoom at 2 pm Initiation with the frequency of the singing bowls


Breakout Rooms Merkabah Experience 


 Share & Q&A 

FINISH: at 5 pm 

to rest and restore and integrate the energy 

Recording Sent within  24 hours 

This is for you if you are ready and open to RECEIVING  more peace of your personal Divine Gifts and wish to bask in the energy at home and enjoy being held space for, with recordings that you can play a few times to increase your connection with your own personal Merkaba


Have you felt a new sense of intrigue recently and you know that it is time to journey into a more expansive spiritual path?

Feel into this list of beings who will be more available to you post this activation. Some you will know and some you will not. Your personal energetic golden print will know which ones you will want to work and connect with in the present and future. 

The 7 Suns

Kuan Yin

Arch Angel Metaron

Ancient Earth Wisdom Keepers

Serapis Bey from Venus, holds earths records

Galactic Council and Ashtar

Dragon Energy Time and Power of Seasons

- Calm Grace and Love

White Light of Inner Earth

Durga -

Protection and

Divine Mothers

Lady Portia- Justice

Mother Mary

Mary Magdelene

Lady Diana- Courage

Kali Ma

Creation Destruction Compassion

White Light of Inner Earth

Galactic Council

Divine Mothers

Galactic Council

Etheric Guides who have previously been on this earth who are here to help guide this activation

Bellas Nap
Wise Leader


Indian Atira




The Outcome 

The potential to activate with the modalities you are here to connect to, your intuition and psychic skills

You will have a resonance and awareness of your own Merkabah the energy field that you travel in 

You will have experienced the connection of  the NEW DIVINE FEMININE MOTHER energy helping to unite the planet 

You will enhance your connection to travel into the Astral plane and make more informed choices in every aspect of your life 

You will have more control over your emotions 

You will see when the ego is keeping you stuck and safe, yet full of restrictions

This is for you if you have been trying hard to raise your frequency this year and you have experienced massive energy highs and lows as you have been responding to the planetary energies and a new found awareness

How will this show in day to day life?

I am Gill Kirkham, Galactic Channel, Trauma release expert and ex –corporate connector of people! 

This is a really special journey and you, like me are probably finding ways to navigate your cosmic existence with your human 3D reality 

Become more aware of your sacred connection with the earth and all beings and energies in the universe

Participants from the Summer Solstice Retreat
were asked to describe, me Gill in a few words ...

Soul Sister       True Champion      All Seeing Eye  Magnet      Joy Activation   The Special One    Beyond Words   Maestro       Magical   Channel For Growth

One More Review

"I have had the biggest shift in my own personal development. The awareness I gained enabled me to dig deeper, "join the dots" and understand myself to a whole new level...something I have been trying to do most of my adult life."
Lynn Taylor - Wellness Coach

You were born with these gifts and awareness within you.
Simply connect to learn and re-remember who you are.

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